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Second-hand Books in Barcelona

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Written by Paula

Re-Read is the name of a chain of low-cost bookstores that sells second-hand books. The first ever Re-Read in Barcelona opened on April 10, 2013 at Carrer de Rosselló, 158. It was founded by a family with a background in the literary world, who wanted to create a local, sustainable bookstore.

The family believes people should be able to keep reading, no matter what, without having to spend large sums of money. Today, ShBarcelona tells you more about Re-Read. Let’s go and buy a real book this weekend!

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Re-Read, Re-Sell, Re-Give

That is why they created this model, in which there are standardized prices for every book. One book costs 3€, two books cost 5€, and five books cost 10€. A lot of people opt for the priciest, but most advantageous option of taking five books home for the price of a new pocket book sold on regular book stores.

old books

Photo by danielagrald via Pixabay

During its first month, Re-Read had such prolific days, the number of books sold would reach the three digits. The model proved to be so successful, eight more Re-Read book stores opened in Barcelona, for example in the districts of Eixample, Gracia and Sants-Montjuic.

Re-Read also purchases books, the value sellers receive for them is almost symbolic. Re-Read is currently paying 0,20€ for books. The stores buy any sort of book, except for encyclopedias, text books, books edited before the 90s, or books with pen or pencil markings.

If clients have a small amount of books, they can bring them directly to one of Re-Read’s stores. But if they have a large quantity of books (more than 200), Re-Read will pick them up at the client’s house.

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hands opening a book

Photo by congerdesign via Pixabay

Besides buying and selling books, Re-Read is involved in a solidarity project together with Fundación Comparte called Re-Give Books. The project aims to bring culture to children with limited resources in Latin America. Anyone can contribute to the project by choosing one of their old children’s book or purchase a children book from a store.

The next step is to choose the destination where they want to send the book. Put the book inside a Re-Give Books envelope, which can be bought at any Re-Read book store for 1€ and take it to the nearest post office. The books will become part of a bibliobus which children in Ecuador, Honduras or Chile can access for free.

To learn more about Re-Give Books, visit’s official website.

Do you still love real books? Or have you gone completely digital?

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