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Campsites near Barcelona

Written by Daniella

Camping is a certain way of travelling, visiting different places and enjoying your holiday, especially if you like nature. Many people who choose to disconnect by going camping, are faithful to this holiday lifestyle, and many of them are families with children. Campsites provide safety by its fences or walls, and they offer plots and various services for people who camp there, either with a tent, caravan or motor home. Today ShBarcelona will tell you more about campsites near the Catalan capital.

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Experience camping near the Ciudad Condal

Photo via Pixabay

Although it may not always be as cheap as you think to enjoy a camping holiday, it tends to be less expensive than other accommodations. The price of a campsite depends on several factors, like the number of stars it has earned. The stars at a campsite indicate, like with hotels, the quantity and quality of the services provided by the site. For example: the quality of the plots itself, its dimensions, the connections of water and electricity on your plot, a plot in full sun or also with some shade, security and cleaning services at the campsite, supermarket, swimming pools, restaurants and cafeterias, children’s entertainment possibilities, playgrounds and sports courts, in proximity to beaches or natural parks, the guarantee of a relaxed campground which limits noises, and which organizes other social events, like parties, or cultural or sports activities. Campsites are a good option for families with children, since they can run around the campsite premises freely, but with security. They can easily make new friends with other children of their age. If you love nature, camping is an ideal way to enjoy its simple days without complexity. Also remember that there are many very comfortable alternatives nowadays, that allow you to spend a few lovely days and nights camping, without having to feel the rocks on the floor through your, more or less, inflatable mattress.

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Photo via Pixabay

If you prefer to travel in total freedom, a motor home is an ideal means of both transport and accommodation. It is expensive to purchase, and it costs more than many cars do, but it can be an excellent investment if you love spending your holidays this way. It is possible to camp in many different places as you are on the road, and it does not necessarily have to be at a campsite. If you want to go to a campsite, but need more comfort, many campgrounds have also constructed small bungalows with all practical services at hand. The first campsite we would like to recommend is Camping Estrella de Mar, located in the coastal town of Castelldefels, some 15 kilometers from the city of Barcelona. On this campsite you will find bungalows, a swimming pool, a bar and restaurant, Wi-Fi, beach, supermarket and good quality facilities. Another campsite near Barcelona is Camping Masnou, and it has very good connections to the Ciudad Condal. It has plots with lots of shade, a pool, bar, restaurant and supermarket. The train stop is just 200 meters away, and it allows you to be in Barcelona in only 15 minutes. Finally, we would also like to recommend Camping Sitges, a campsite that has all facilities, such as Wi-Fi, a supermarket, a bar and restaurant, and bungalows. It is located next to the town of Sitges, which is very close to Barcelona, and it offers some excellent leisure and gastronomy possibilities.

Which of the campsites near Barcelona do you prefer and why?

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