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Violin Lessons in Barcelona

Written by Walter Cullinan

One of the things that makes Barcelona so great is that it’s so diverse and multicultural. You can find someone to help you learn just about anything here. Even the violin! With plenty of schools, tutors, and groups to help you out, it’s easy to start learning how to play a new instrument. Here are some of the ways you can start your journey towards learning the violin in Barcelona.

Music schools

Photo via Pixabay

Music schools are a great way to get started with the violin if you’re looking for formal and structured lessons. The Shine School of Music first opened its doors almost ten years ago in 2008. It has since then established itself as one of the most recognized music schools in Barcelona. You can learn a variety of instruments here, including the violin. They offer classes for all levels and all ages, so no matter what your experience, you can find the right class for you. They teach in Spanish, Catalan, and English, and their classes are one-on-one, so they’re tailored to your unique and personal needs.  The opening hours are 10:00 – 22:00 and the school’s location is central and convenient. Based in the lovely neighborhood of Gracia, it’s pretty easy to get there by foot, metro or bus. Just make sure to make an appointment beforehand.

If you’re looking for professional lessons, then look no further than the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona.  They offer classes in the violin and other instruments along with musical culture, singing, and opera. However, you will need to speak Spanish or Catalan if you decide to take music classes there.

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Private tutors

Photo via: Pixabay

There are lots of private tutors in Barcelona, so you can pretty much find a tutor to help you learn anything. You can find tutors online and arrange to either meet in person or take classes online.  One popular site to find a tutor is University Tutor. Here you can find many different tutors and assess which one would suit you the best. With one of these tutors, you can do everything from improving your academic grades to taking your music skills to the next level.

Another great site is Tus Clases Particulares: They have a great database of verified teachers and don’t charge a commission or “finding fee. You can choose to meet teachers in person on a regular basis or learn online if the teacher is willing to give classes via Skype.

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Online groups and social media

It’s always easy to find someone with the same interests as you online. Sites like Meetup make it even easier to meet people in a safe group setting to share interests or learn something new. Look for music groups, live events, and group classes or sessions. There are lots of expat groups on Facebook that you can also use to meet more people and find some people to jam with.

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About the author

Walter Cullinan

Walter is a writer from Ireland, Barcelona is like a second home for him with something new to explore every day.

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