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Best music stores in Barcelona

Written by Thompson Crowley

So, you’re in Barcelona, you’ve indulged yourself on all kinds of the different music around, you’ve seen lots of different bands and artists, heard lots of different styles, and now you want to play some music yourself. Just where can you get hold of an instrument? Whether you’re a professional, medium-level, or beginner musician, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of options in Barcelona.

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Guitars are by far the most popular instrument these days, you can carry them around, play them anywhere, sing whilst you strum. So, I’ll start here. There are 3 main guitar shops in Barcelona, all located fairly close to the centre.

ronsaunders47 via

ronsaunders47 via

Located on Carrer de la Diputació, 282, near Passeig de Grácia, Fanatic Guitars is an all-around, stock-a-bit-of-everything kind of shop. They have a wide range of acoustics, electrics, amplifiers, effects pedals and accessories. They also have a second-hand selection too, if you want something a little cheaper.

Guitar Shop Barcelona, located on Carrer dels Tallers, 27, close to Plaça de Catalunya, is another all-round music store. They focus a little more on the electric guitars, and as well as stocking all kinds of amps and accessories, they also have some keyboards and percussion. They can also help you out with recording, if you’re looking to make your own product.

If you’re an advanced player or collector Casa Luthier is a shop that would be of much interest to you. Located on Carrer de Balmes, 73, in L’Eixample, these guys specialize in classical and flamenco guitars, tenderly crafted by some of the finest guitar makers of our times. As well as having a wide range of acoustic guitars, they also stock sheet music and accessories.

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Everything else

 Tim Swinson | via

Tim Swinson | via

Located on Carrer Monistrol, 28, a short walk from Passeig de Sant Joan, Musicalex stocks a little bit of everything. Whether it’s keyboards, guitars, wind instruments, amplifiers, cables, they have it all here. A small, but well-used space for musicians, they also offer a tuning and repair service.

La Clau de Sol is another store that stocks a bit of everything. Located on Carrer del Marquès de Campo Sagrado in Sant Antoni, 10, they have a nice selection of wind instruments, as well as many string, electric and keyed.

So, if you’re feeling inspired and you’ve got the music within, here’s a few places where you can get what you need to help bring it out!

About the author

Thompson Crowley

Thompson is a musician from the U.K who fell in love with Barcelona. He is constantly discovering new things in the city, which he shares with the readers through his articles.


  • Hi Thompson,
    Thank you for posting the info, it’s nice to come across someone who takes the time to share information & experiences.
    The Guitar Shop I know well but Fanatic Guitars is new to me & I will check it out in the next few weeks ….I was a bit surprised you didn’t mention New Phono in Calle Ample or Alfasoni in Calle Perú. I have a lot of friends & colleagues in touring bands & I would always recommend Alfasoni if they needed anything while they are here …mostly because of price & range of stock …..but sadly not for the legendary cheerfulness of the staff….even-though they are a bit on the grumpy side, they are helpful & normally have what I need.
    Thanks again,
    All the best , Brian.

  • Hola hace unos años compre una mesas de sonido, 2 monitores de sonido con sus correspondientes patas a nombre de maría del carmen Pimentel rivero y me gustaría saber si aún conservais la factura, me lo robaron y ahora a aparecido y necesito la factura o copia para poder reclamar mi equipo de sonido completo. Gracias y un saludo

  • Hey mate,

    Went looking yesterday and Paradiddle is no longer there. It’s a metal door with a paper sign about another shop. On the window the logo is still there. Neighbors said they had been gone for months. Not sure if that meant they moved or went out of business. Also, number is disconnected.

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