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Living in Barcelona

Tourism Internship with Go Eco

Tourism Internships with Go Eco
Written by Enrique

picTourism is a booming occupation that provides thousands of people with great jobs. An important aspect of tourism is hospitality. Depending on how hospitable and accommodating an establishment seems to be will either help improve or harm the business. For this reason programs that provide internships in tourism and hospitality gaining popularity within the requirements for certain MBA programs. What most businesses are presently looking is experience. Now you can get experience that may increase your opportunities to be able to put some more money in your pocket while still getting paid. This means that you will obtain international experience on one of the trendiest fields while experiencing one of the best cities of the world, Barcelona.

Green Is The New Black

go ecoGoEco is a volunteer organization that was established in 2005. This Organization sets itself apart from all the other ones because its inclination toward environmental issues. The founders both hold University degrees in Environmental/Geography studies. Their extensive knowledge on international geographical projects has introduced the concept of volunteer tourism in various parts of the world. These humanistic entrepreneurs have also been working on volunteer projects locally for participating international volunteers. Their latest project here in Barcelona is an Eco Friendly Hospitality Internship.

Opportunities Within Your Reach

This Internship is asking interest prospects to join one of their most promising programs that they offer here in Barcelona, Spain. This once in a lifetime opportunity has a minimum of six weeks up to a maximum of twelve weeks. Some of the perks of the program aside from obtaining hands on experience are fairly generous. The program includes daily breakfast, local in country and twenty four hour emergency support. Internet access is also available as well as shared computers. This Internship is gaining popularity rather quickly because its personalized training provided during the orientation. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to become involved in one of the most promising careers of today’s world.

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