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Where to find the right tutor

Where to find the right tutor
Written by Paula

If you are a busy person with a hectic schedule or if you simply find it hard to find good, affordable classes, you might want to consider looking for a tutor. There is an immense variety of private classes being taught all around the city by teachers from all over the world. By doing a good online research, you can not only find the ideal tutor, but also decide where you want to study and how much you are willing to pay.

To help you get things going, here is a list with some of the most popular private tutoring websites used in Barcelona.

Tus Clases Particulares

ptTus Clases Particulares (Your Private Classes) is probably the most famous website used by those teaching classes and those looking for classes. Here students can look through the teacher database and decide who seems to be the most appropriate tutor according to their needs.

There are classes in Arts, Science, Social Science, Sport and Health, Languages, IT and Technology, Music, Dance and Economics. In Tus Clases Particulares you can learn how to speak French, how to do some accounting or even learn how to play the bongos.

You can choose to meet the teacher somewhere, to have the teacher come to your house, have online classes via Skype or even have classes at your own company.

Mi Profe Particular

This platform is not very different from the previous one, offering online, company-based and one-to-one classes. Unlike Tus Clases Particulares, Mi Profe Particular gets very specific about the subjects you can choose from, like drawing, penal law, web design, sewing, gardening, chess, violin and singing. The website has a section with classes for people with ADD and other conditions that affect the learning process.

University Tutor and offer similar services to Tus Clases Particulares and Mi Profe Particular.

pt2If what you want to study is a language, Find my favorite teacher or LingoBongo may be a good choice. LingoBongo’s advantage over Find my favorite teacher is that it not only offers private tutoring, but it also allows people to find language exchanges, where students can teach other a different language for free.

If you don’t want to have to go out whenever you have a class, you can try Info Clases and El profe a casa, two websites that offer tutoring at the student’s house.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • HELLO…….
    I am a university English educator lady from retired..ı have had the experience of teaching English for 30 years..ı want to tutor English in january february march and April in Barcelonaor another place in Spain..ı am reliableand n regards..Y.E

  • Let me also add: ( ). That’s a very good website to find the right tutor.
    I realized from experience that finding a tutor is quick and easy. But finding the RIGHT tutor is a different story altogether. I’m just glad my son likes his tutor from Preply because I think she’s perfect.

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