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Restaurants and tapas

Tickets Bar, Ferran and Albert Adrià’s “tapas bar”

Written by Adriana

According to Ferran Adrià, owner of Tickets Bar along with his brother and Iglesias brothers (owners of the restaurant Rías de Galicia) this is a place where “neighborhood haute cuisine” is served as tapas. But are not cheap common tapas, but creative dishes in small portions with affordable prices and excellent quality raw materials, all under the philosophy of innovative gastronomic by Ferran Adrià, of course. Don’t dare to go to this bar without booking at least three months in advance because you won’t get a table. From ShBarcelona we recommend that if you visit Barcelona and want to try the famous “El Bulli’s tapas”, you bare in mind this timing.

This place situation in the Barcelona map on the Parallel Avenue isn’t chosen randomly, but its decor and concept revolves around cabaret, music hall and performing arts that fill this historic avenue of the city. The Tickets Bar has several bars that create a space to develop a “tapa’s life” (as they call it); on of them is the Presumida bar, reflecting the Mediterranean Barcelona’s food; the Estrella, where the beer with the same name is served to accompany the meal; the cabin of the Marx Brothers, a space for the crooks; Nostromo 180286, where “xuxis” are served in a futuristic atmosphere and where the creativity is at its fullest, you should definitely try the urchin xuxis with avocado and jelly mint; the Garatge with a similar industrial aesthetic to the port of Barcelona where grilled food is served; and finally called the Dolça bar for the sweetest dishes, commonly would be know as desserts, but in this case have its own autonomy.

tickets5All this parade of haute cuisine is accompanied by a personal chef for each client, that cook “live” all the time. You can opt for a tasting menu to try a little bite of everything, which consists of 14 dishes at 65 € per person. One surprise after another… You can’t miss out on dishes like quail eggs with almagrote crumbs, the spicy steak tartare tomato with sliced bread, airbaguettes of ham, the oyster with a pearl, the tuna “soasada”, the baloo banana or elderflower cloud with lemon cream and wild strawberries. A journey of flavors for your palate with the best care, like a variety show in which you are part of the cast.

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