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Torres Priorat Winery

Torres Priorat Winery
Written by Olivia

Torres, one of the most famous wine companies in not only Western Europe, but all over the world, has open doors to the public. This world-renowned wine has been around since 1870, and has developed an incredible brand over five generations in the Torres family.

image001The 2-time winning company of the most admired wine brand is grown right in Barcelona’s backyard, in the small Catalonian village of El Lloar, with a total of 80 inhabitants.  Apart from the fabulous benefits that everyone can receive from drinking red wine, the change of pace and scenery create the perfect atmosphere for an idyllic tour and tasting in El Priorat.

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Locations and Options

TorresThere are 6 Torres wineries dispersed throughout Spain: Sant Miquel, Waltraud, L’Aranyo, Milmanda, Mas Rabell, and El Lloar. There are over 30 options when it comes to events with Torres including: winery tours, wine and cheese pairing, tastings, bike and wine tours, tapas and even dinners.

The tour sites vary, with locations at the Waltraud Cellar, two wineries (Priorat Winery and the Pacs del Penedes), Masia Mas Rabell, the Milmanda Castle and even a Vinoteca right on Paseo de Gracia here in Barcelona.

Salmos and Perpetual Tour

12188803_10207680919879328_2127495864_nThe tour where all of these photos were taken is the one to the Priorat winery in El Lloar. The tour includes walking around the vineyards, learning about the soil, which is why the wine is so fantastic and unique, a tour through the actual distillery a look at the barrels and the steps of fermentation, and of course, tasting the wines. The two wines that are sampled are called Perpetual and Salmos, and they are both created at Priorat. The wines are delicious, the tour guides are passionate about wine and enthusiastically share their wine knowledge with those who are interested in learning.

How to get to Priorat (El Lloar)

When you book your appointment online, they will provide you with a map and instructions on how to get there. The drive takes about an hour and a half, but there are many lookouts along the way which are worth the stop.

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Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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