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Restaurants and tapas

Cheap Eats in Gràcia

Written by Eric

Who sais you need to travel out of the country to experience food from around the world? My beloved Gràcia has the global culinary tastes to offer, all in one neighborhood! There’s no need to spend a lot of money to get your taste buds tantalizing. Spend a dime and you´ll be fine!

Here is a list of cafés, restaurants and bars offering international cuisine that will not break the bank, but help you save.

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Buenas Migas (Carrer Bonsuccés 6)

cheap graciaIf you´re in the mood for something other than your typical café con leche and croissant, try heading over to Buenas Migas. This chain of focacceria is noted for its oven baked flatbread. Sweet focaccias sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar or a toasted one with melted chocolate will give you the necessary sugar buzz to start the day. Savory focaccias come in a selection of meat or vegetarian choices.You can also select pastries, granola, muesli or fresh fruit. Ahhh, a touch of Italy in La Dolce Barcelona!


Himali (Carrer Mila I Fontanals 60)

Depending on how many carbohydrates you burned for breakfast, your body needs to energize with protein. Himali is known for its traditional Indian food as well as specialized Nepali dishes. Is spicy not your thing? That’s ok. Each dish can be suited for your preferential taste. Try the Nepali Thali (literally called “the plate”) filled with basmati rice, chicken or vegetable curry, dahl and yoghurt with naan on the side. Save room for some desert which can be a seasoned fruit platter or Nepali ice cream. Himali is open for lunch until 16.00 and reopens for dinner at 20.00.


The Dog is Hot (Carrer De L´Or 8)

Hot Dog

Time to have a little something to get you through the rest of the day. What better choice than the humble hot dog? In America, it’s all about customizing the dog, yo! No need to fly over the Atlantic to have the same experience – at The Dog is Hot you can choose from locally sourced ingredients, creating your signature hot dog. Start off with white or whole wheat bun. Next, choose whether you want a tofu dog or beef dog. You can go straight to the condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or barbecue) or top it off with 22 choices of toppings. If you want to make things easier try one of their nine house specialties.

About the author


Eric is an American English teacher with a passion for Barcelona.

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