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The Best Summer Vermouths in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

A vermouth is a type of wine, that you usually drink as an aperitif before meals. Most people drink it in the weekend, and having an aperitif is becoming more popular, whether it is a vermouth or not. Having a vermouth or aperitif is part of the Mediterranean culture and therefore most bars serve it. You can have just one, or quite a few delicious vermouths, and it works up your appetite for the next meal. Today, this article by ShBarcelona tells you all about the best summer vermouths.

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Where to find the best vermouths in Barcelona

Photo by fairlybuoyant via Visualhunt

A vermouth is a balanced mix of wine and herbs, usually served as an aperitif, and it consists of white wine, wormwood and other ingredients that give it a certain bitterness. This type of wine is of European origin, and its special aroma adapts perfectly to any food served with an aperitif. Two types of vermouth can be distinguished: red vermouth and white vermouth. Red vermouth is originally from Italy and tastes quite sweet, while white vermouth is of French origin, dry and has a higher alcohol percentage. As the aperitif is closely linked to Mediterranean cultures, a vermouth is often accompanied by seafood, such as cockles, mussels or anchovies, or fried products, typically tapas, like Spanish croquettes or patatas bravas. Another classic Mediterranean appetizer is the famous ensaladilla rusa (or Russian salad), served cold with a few pieces of bread. Appetizers and vermouth are common on more relaxed days, like in the weekend or during a holiday, as they usually involve the presence of lots of family and friends.

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Photo by kerinin via Visualhunt

Summer is a good season to enjoy this gastronomic beverage, as it combines the relaxed feeling of being on holiday with socializing with people you care about. And having a good vermouth can be a bit of a ritual, with Barcelona as the perfect decor. Here are some of our recommendations for trying a delightful vermouth: El Sifó d’en Garriga is located in the district of Eixample, and their kitchen is always open. It has a mixed crowd and one of the best vermouths you can find in the Catalan capital. Its tapas are absolutely delicious, made with only top-quality ingredients. Another wonderful location for having a vermouth is Lata Berna, in the heart of the Gracia district. Their typical way of serving many of their lovely food creations, is in little pots and cans. You should definitely try their interesting and tasty tapas, especially because they have the traditional Espinaler touch. Order their steak tartar and patatas bravas, they are delicious. Our last recommendation is La Fábrica del Vermutillo, a place that loves its traditional vermouths, accompanied by excellent dishes in a vintage interior. It is located in Carrer de Valencia, in the district of Eixample.

*Main photo by Wine Dharma via Visualhunt

Where in Barcelona did you have your best vermouth?

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