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Vegetarian and vegan

Veganoteca – vegan-friendly Barcelona

Written by Michael

C/ Valdonzella, 60
Nearest metro: Universitat

Monday to Friday 11hrs to 14:30hrs and 16:30 a 21 h.
Saturdays between 11hrs and 21hrs

What is Veganoteca?

Photo via Pixabay

Veganoteca is an online and physical shop that sells vegan products such as cruelty-free cheese, egg-free cakes, dairy-free cookies, and ice creams that have been created without the use of dairy, eggs, honey or animal products .

They also sell health food items, vegan cosmetics and beauty products, supplements and teas, organic products for dogs and cats, environment-friendly household products, and the usual stuff you’d expect to find in a health food store, such as soya and rice milks, gluten free spaghettis and pastas, cotton tampons, aloe vera juice, brown rice. They also sell items for oriental cooking such as dried seaweed, wasabi, soba noodles, tamari, nama shoyu, and red miso.

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They have a daily selection of vegan pastries – you can buy Quorn products here (if you are not familiar with Quorn they are a brand from the UK that uses mycoprotein (taken from mushrooms) in order to make a very authentic meat-like texture. Sadly, the products are vegetarian and not yet vegan, but the company are being lobbied to go completely vegan.

However, in Veganoteca’s freezing cabinet you will find lots of pro-vegan goods that you can actually eat if you’re a full-on vegan.

You can also find products such as agave syrup (not raw), unrefined brown sugar, various types of honeys and organic maple syrup.

Online shopping

Photo via Pixabay

They are soon opening an online shop, although according to the website this section is still under construction. You can contact them on to find out more about the online facility.

They also organise events about or related to veganism.

A lovely spot with a really good range of vegan (and veggie) items crammed in to a very small space, and with a faultless philosophy.

In a country more famous for its somewhat bloody traditions such as bullfighting, it’s always refreshing to find that there actually is a community – however small – of people willing to stand up and protect the other species with which we share this beautiful planet. And it’s important that vegans and vegetarians support these small businesses.

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There really is a great range of products here. And while you might find way larger stores in New York City or London or the likes, the fact that Veganoteca exists in this relatively small city in a country obsessed with ham and bulls’ legs, is a truly magnificent thing. Being vegan can be challenging, especially in Spain, so pay a visit to Veganoteca whenever you get the chance. The more we buy, the more popular veganism will become.

Veganoteca wins my loyalty as they are one of very few establishments in Barcelona that sell Booja Booja – the British brand of raw, vegan ice creams made from agave syrup, coconut oil and agave syrup. Painfully expensive compared to dairy ice cream but delicious and almost virtuous.

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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