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The “clean eating” of The Juice House

Written by Adriana

A few days ago we told you about Parliament Street as the new hub in terms of innovative places to go eat and drink in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni in Barcelona. Well, now you can add a place to the list of “musts” because about 4 months ago at number 12 on this street Luz Cortázar and Daniela Luzzatto have opened The Juice House. It came first as cold-pressed juices and smoothies bar, and has evolved. Today they also serve delicious breakfasts, brunches and menus all made with organic ingredients and healthy recipes within the concept of “clean eating”. In this interview with ShBarcelona they tell us a little more bit more about it…

How did the idea of ​​opening The Juice House came up?

logo the juice houseDaniela: we always wanted to undertake something. And although we begun with juices, smoothies and clean food in our menu, we did not take it as a business idea, but as a lifestyle. Two springs ago, when Luz was still living in Madrid, we first discussed the project and I told her: “Lucy, juicing”.

Luz: it was a hunch, I immediately said yes. After the adrenaline of the moment, we spent a couple of months researching and we realized it was a concept that had not yet been exploited here (Spain), but it was playing successfully in many other parts of the world. So I moved to Barcelona and started working on making reality this idea.

Who’s behind this place and what is your background?

D: is the project of two best friends who want to share with people that we can actually eat healthy without being bored.

L: Our careers were not related to gastronomy. Although Dani studied cooking in Hofmann school, we are photographers. I am a journalist and producer of audiovisual content, but my family (Basque-Lebanese), guided by my grandparents taught me to love cooking from an early age. So behind this place there is an honest and unpretentious project, but with lots of love.

the juice houseWhat do we find in The Juice House?

L: A flexible space in which you can work while you eat breakfast, or to go to dinner and a have a few drinks with friends. Our idea is to make you feel right at home, as grandparents did.

D: In addition to the experience, you will find a varied menu suitable for vegans, celiacs, vegetarians and carnivores, the idea is that no one feels excluded. It is also important to note that all our suppliers were carefully chosen, so that you can find a cafe of one of the best roasters in Spain (Right Side Coffee), a yeast bread made by Enric Flo of Pa Solà, bulk teas of Bebeté and the dairy product of Prat farm.

the juice house brunchYou begun with juices and smoothies and now also are also serving pancakes, brunches and menus, how was the evolution to get here?

L: It was a natural evolution, given by the place that we found. The space we have in Parliament Street 12 had much potential so we had to go further from being a take away juice bar. And as we had spent time researching about healthy food and drinks the process occurred organically.

The Juice House revolves around the concept of “clean eating”. How would you define this concept and how you apply it in your project?

D: that is to make the most of the ingredients in their purest form, and get rid of the processed, packed lunches with preservatives and chemicals that have made us an over fed but malnourished population.

ambiente-the-juice-house-300x258L: Do you remember what our grandparents or great grandparents ate? They didn’t go to the store and came back with some powder to put it in the microwave and ate it, so our proposal seeks to rescue what they did and how they ate. Then our menu respects these basic principles and won’t find any refined flour or sugar in any of our dishes.

How has been being entrepreneurs in Barcelona?

L: It was not easy. But when the bureaucracy has made something to be easy? The only way to achieve this (I think anywhere in the world) it is with great constancy and perseverance. You can not lose focus.

Is there something you can tell us about the future of The Juice House that anyone knows yet?

D: we really don’t have many secrets, it’s been just four months since we are open and our goal is to keep improving processes to all who visit us have the best experience possible while siting at our tables.

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