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Where to Buy Makeup And Cosmetics in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Living in a city that is not ours requires us to change our routine, our habits and having to discover new places to entrust with our appearance, such a hairdresser, a beauty salon, and cosmetic and makeup stores.

If this is your case or if you are simply in town for a visit, you may like to know what are the best places to go for all of your makeup and cosmetic needs in Barcelona, which is why ShBarcelona compiled this list.

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Barcelona’s best makeup and cosmetics stores


The Sephora stores are among some of the largest that you will find in Barcelona. Created in 1969, this French brand developed into a multinational one, now with stores in a variety of countries, including Spain.

makeup on table

Photo via Pixabay

They offer great quality cosmetics and makeup, carrying all of the most famous names in the business, and offering also products of their own brand, which are usually very good and have more affordable prices.

There are usually a number of assistants ready to help you find what you are looking for or even to help you figure out what it is exactly what you need.

Location: El Triangle mall, Rambla de Catalunya, 121, both in Ciutat Vella, among other locations.

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Adonia differs from others because it sells products that don’t contain petroleum, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or parabens. 

In keeping with their eco-friendly and natural approach to cosmetics, they also guarantee that none of the products sold in their stores are tested on animals.

pink soap with flowers

Photo via Pixabay

They sell a variety of products such as soap, body lotions, exfoliants, hair dye, sunblock, cosmetic accessories, and even some items for the home, like detergents and air fresheners. 

They work with brands like Acorelle, Lavera, Alepp, Leia, Alchemy, Logona and Anne.

Location: Carrer de Balmes, 70, Travessera de Gràcia, 157 in the Eixample.

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This Spanish brand, Etnia, was created in 2012. A lot of their sales are done online, via their website, but they do have one flagship store in Madrid.

Etnia doesn’t have any official stores in Barcelona but their products can be found in El Corte Inglès department stores. Much like the products sold by Adonia, the ones sold by Etnia are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens.

makeup  on model

Photo via Pexels

They even have a line called “Natur” with products made exclusively with organic extracts.

So what type of products can you find at Etnia? Everything you need for your basic makeup routine, perfumes, hydrating treatments for every part of your body, and more.

Location: Avinguda Diagonal, 471, Passeig Andreu Nin, 51, and C/Salvador Dalí, 15-1 (Cornellá de Lllobregat).

MiiN Korean Cosmetics

MiiN Korean Cosmetics was created by Lilin Yang, from YiChang, China. She fell in love with Spain when she read about the country in a book by a Taiwanese author and decided to start her cosmetics business in this beautiful European country.

doing your makeup

Photo via Pixabay

In 2014 Lilin opened her very first store in Barcelona. Business boomed, and Miin Korean Cosmetics expanded throughout the continent.

The brand sells makeup and cosmetic products and accessories for both men and women, with an adorable and fresh design, which makes them a delight to purchase.

Location: Carrer de Pau Claris, 110 in the district of Eixample.

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Amapola Biocosmetics

Another cosmetics brand that focuses on the eco-side of the business is Amapola Biocosmetics. They refuse to use chemicals in the creation of their products, using instead handpicked natural ingredients, essential oil, and fruits to create quality biological cosmetics.

skin creme

Photo via Pixabay

They don’t sell makeup but they offer a variety of other products, like perfumes, products for facial and body care, products for children and babies, soaps, aromatherapy products, and sunblocks.

Location: Carrer de la Bòria, 20, in the neighborhood of El Born.

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Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics‘ stores are definitely the most fun ones to visit from all of the stores we have mentioned in this list. Each store is a world of colors and delicious smells, which waft into the streets, inviting passersby to come in.

The brand was founded over a decade ago, in 1995, in the United Kingdom, and it sells only handmade products that are 100% vegetarian, not tested on animals.

bath bombs

Photo via Pixabay

They offer a variety of cosmetic products for the body, face, and hair, and also sell some makeup items. They often have products being tried out by customers in the store, each one looking and smelling so appealing you almost feel like eating them.

If you visit a Lush Cosmetics store, don’t miss the chance to explore their fantastic soap offer, some of which can add an amazing dash of color to your bath!

Location: Rambla de Catalunya, 52, Arenas de Barcelona mall, L’Illa Diagonal mall, and Maremagnum mall, among other locations.

Where do you go to buy makeup or cosmetics in Barcelona?
Share your tips with us!

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