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The tasty “flexitarian” cuisine of Flax & Kale

Written by Adriana

flaxandkale1If you are someone who does not enjoy too much eating animal products, but occasionally eat fish or seafood, among other foods, you have to know that you could be flexitarian. This term applies to persons with a flexible vegetarian diet, in which 80% of this is “veggie” and 20% of animal origin, in the case of Flax & Kale this small percentage is bluefish only. The purpose of a flexitarian diet is happiness, which results from eating healthy and quality products, combining them in an appropriate way in savory dishes without frying anything or adding any white sugar or flour harmful to the body, and to reduce the consumption of animal products. Literally, “flax” is a plant product that provides a high amount of omega 3 and “kale” is a vegetable of the family of kale that provides a higher than the average level of nutrients, especially vitamin K and C. Highly recommended by ShBarcelona.

A project by Teresa Carles

flax&kale2Flax & Kale shares the building and the owners with the vegetarian restaurant Teresa Carles, besides introducing their space Teresa’s Juicery, one of the first bars of Spain that serves the acclaimed “cold-pressed juices”. This system allows juices to preserve nutrients, enzymes and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. The cook Teresa Carles leads a team of 10 chefs who are responsible for developing dishes at Flax & Kale, and she designs the menu and each dish. Two nutritionists review the menu to make sure that everything that is served contributes to a healthy diet.

flax&kale3In this project is also very important the chosen space to serve the “happy” food that comes out of the kitchen. Located on Tallers Street 74 (on the corner with Gravina), there is a large space with high ceilings, with floor to ceiling windows that let in direct light from outside and let the curious people to look inside from the outside. The decor is excellent and invites the passerby to come in and sit at one of their tables, all thanks to an excellent team of decorators, designers and interior designers. In the future is expected to incorporate a terrace space at the top for an urban garden and grow the products used in the preparation of the dishes, as well as to do some workshops and courses within Flax & Kale.

“The cuisine of the future”

flax&kale4According Jordi Berri, Teresa Carles’ son and responsible of Flax & Kale dishes, their bet is the kitchen of the future, which is healthy and the ingredients of each dish are organic. Try their breakfasts, brunches, or snacks in dishes like grilled watermelon with goat cheese, homemade kale chips dehydrated and seasoned, corn tacos with guacamole, eggplant, shiitake, white cabbage and sour cream, kale’s salad, the Green Power Raviolo or the Vegan Vampire. Join this happy diet of Flax & Kale!

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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