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Teresa Carles vegan-friendly restaurant Barcelona

Written by Michael

C/ Jovellanos, 2
El Raval

09hrs – 00hrs

Photo via Pixabay

The staff running Teresa Carles in El Raval is highly professional. A vegetarian haven but with a very vegan-friendly attitude.

It’s not often I praise the vegan food in Spain, as I often find it bland and unimaginative. At Teresa Carles, however, you can really have a feast. They serve a mean salad and a pretty decent freshly squeezed juice to wash it down with.

It’s large, clean and very pleasant – exposed brickwork, wooden floor, and a stainless-steel workplace where they prepare juices, teas and salads. The lighting isn’t too bright. There’s a large square table as you go in where you can eat takeaway food. If you go a little further in, you enter the restaurant. It’s the kind of place that impresses you without feeling stuffy. You are going to be fed well here, you think to yourself.

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Table of Contents

The Menu

Teresa Carles offers a changing daily menu, which includes a soup or a salad followed by a main dish, such as vegetable stew, couscous with seitan, or sauted vegetables with mushrooms and tahini. Unlike many Spanish restaurants, the menu of the day does not include bread, drinks or desserts.

From the a la carte menu, there is a choice of immensely good salads – the best you’ll find in Barcelona. Most of these aren’t vegan, but can be modified to be completely vegan-friendly. You can choose from a delicious fruity kale salad; Teresa goes to Tokyo (which is delightful) or a pumpkin and crispy tempeh salad.

Photo via Pixabay

They also have a sharing (para picar) menu with prices starting at around €6.

Main dishes start from around €1o and include vegetable lasagne, pappardelle with red pesto, beetroot tatin, seitan burger with home-made fries, risotto or noodles with mushrooms and seaweed.

There are vegan desserts and a good menu of vegan juices and smoothies that cost between €4.50 and €6.00 depending on the size.

They are open for breakfast and brunch, but it’s during lunchtime and evening, when it gets really crowded. Queues of starving vegetarians are not a rare sight at Teresa Carles.

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Dietary Requirements

All items on the menu are clearly marked whether they are suitable for vegans, raw vegans or those following a gluten free diet.

The atmosphere is good, although the décor is a little old fashioned. The lighting isn’t too bright, so you don’t feel like you are in an interrogation room. The music is generally unassuming.

Teresa Carles is definitely one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Barcelona and is also dog-friendly and offers customers free Wi-Fi.

During busy periods it’s always best to make a reservation (especially on weekends and at lunch and dinner time) as it is highly likely that you will have to wait for up to 45 minutes if you just step in from the street.  You will not be the only person to show up hungry and unprepared.

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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