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Vegetarian and vegan

Best vegetarian restaurants in Eixample

Written by Jorgen Sikk

Eixample with its 300 000 inhabitants is one of the biggest neighborhoods of Barcelona. It is known for its hexagon-shaped building blocks and, of course, Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. It is an exciting area in the city and a great place to have a meal. Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Eixample.

Hummus Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

Yes, you guessed it, their specialty is hummus. In fact, they have 6 different kinds of this tasty bean dish. If you are not a hummus kind of vegetarian, then don’t despair – they have a great selection of falafels and other classic vegetarian dishes. Due to its location and delicious sangria, it is also a perfect place to meet friends before you head out to Ciutat Vella. Hummus Barcelona offers great menus which include a drink, salad/starter, hummus (or another veggie dish) and dessert, all for 14€.

Location: Carrer de València, 227

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This Indian restaurant is not strictly vegetarian, but it serves a number of dishes that are usually appreciated by vegetarians and vegans, due to the spices and herbs used to prepare them. In Namaste you don’t only get to have a great meal but also dinner shows, with music, dance and other performances. They also offer catering and home delivery.

Location: Carrer de Villarroel, 70

Restaurant MIAN

Photo via Pixabay

This family-owned Asian restaurant is as cozy as its food is delicious. It offers all of your favorite Asian dishes but with a modern twist. Their dim sum is prepared on the spot and served in a bamboo steamer that gives the experience a very genuine feeling. Besides these earthly pleasures, they also offer noodle soups, seaweed salads, dumplings with all kinds of fillings, and quaint Chinese desserts. They are known for their ambition to achieve the perfect balance of sweet, sour and salty in their dishes and even desserts.

Location: Carrer de Girona, 49

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Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden is known for their delicious vegetarian burgers that are prepared with fresh ingredients. With a colorful atmosphere and friendly staff, this eatery will boost your appetite even before you start eating. Besides their renowned burgers, they also offer delicious curry and homemade guacamole, just to name a few. They also have a good choice of drinks, like fruit smoothies and juices. This is a great place to grab something on your way home or work since they also offer take away.

Location: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 602

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Jörgen Ivar Sikk is a biology and chemistry teacher by degree but an avid traveler and writer by passion

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