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Vegetarian and vegan

Vegan shopping in Barcelona

Vegan shopping in Barcelon
Written by Michael

You are in Barcelona, you a short-term rental a lovely apartment you and you want to make the most of the self-catering facilities. Or you are staying in a hostel and you have a terrifyingly tight budget that doesn’t extend to eating out at restaurants.

Maybe you are going for a picnic in Parc Güell, on the beach or a hill overlooking Sant Antoni. Whatever your reason, sometimes you just need to get your hands on vegan-friendly ingredients.

This article of ShBarcelona is an overview of the best health food/vegetarian and vegan-friendly shops in Barcelona.


C/ Valencia 186

variety of natural berries in a box

Photo via Pixabay

Biospace is a massive bio supermarket that sells organic products and health food supplies. It offers a massive range of fresh fruit, vegetables, good quality meat (for the conscious meat eaters) and everything in between including home cleaning products.

Biospace even has an indoor bakery, and sells a variety of supplies like pet foods, yoga accessories, and cruelty-free cosmetics.


Josep Tarradellas 117
Plaza España

With branches in Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefells and Vilanova, Enrich is another beautiful bakery and tea shop. It has a wide selection of delicious breads, some of which are organic and range from 100% spelt, to sliced white bread, to bread seasoned with cocoa and orange.

They serve delicious teas such as Bombay spice and macha. If you have doubts, the staff can advise you on which ones are vegan-friendly.

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La Boqueria

La Rambla, 91

big amount of wet apples

Photo via Pixabay

La Boqueria is, without a doubt, Barcelona’s most famous food market. It featured amazing displays of fruits and vegetables, plus a variety of stalls specialising in nuts, cheeses and everything else one can eat!

This means you will also find a variety of meat and fish on offer, which can shock those who are more sensitive. Don’t forget to check out the juices on offer – you will find an array of flavours for as cheap as 1€!

Manantial de Salud

Mercaders, 7

Manantial de Salud is a cute little health food shop that sells a variety of supplements, the usual range of health food supplies, and most impressively, Ooja Booja raw vegan ice cream.

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Organic Market

Ronda Universitat, 20

amount of green apples with a tap

Photo via Pixabay

Organic Market is a gorgeous shop and restaurant with a decent range of organic and health food produce, which also offers take away. They have an instore bakery which sells delicious bread and cakes.

If you swing by the store and find yourself becoming thirsty, they also offer some juices, which, despite being small and pricey, are quite delicious.


Available throughout Catalonia, Veritas is a supermarket that carries organic and health food supplies. Each branch has a small in-store bakery and a good range of pricey but organic fruit and vegetables. You can also buy vegan yoghurts, milk and chocolate.

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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