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Common Flowers of Barcelona

Written by Laura

Flowers are among the most lovely and delicate things on this earth. Their effortless beauty, vibrant colors, and sweet and intoxicating fragrance all make them so attractive, enough so that we put them in our homes in jars and vases and plant them in our gardens. Today at ShBarcelona we talk about the most popular and well-known flowers of Barcelona.

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Barcelona’s most interesting flowers

Photo via Pixabay

Collserola park, one of Barcelona’s forested areas, is where you can find the most species of indigenous flowers in the Catalan capital. This park, one of the most extensive urban forested areas in the world, has a typically Mediterranean climate and a vast collection of trees including oaks, holm oaks and white pines. When it comes to flowers, the spring is, without a doubt, the most prolific time in producing them, although it is not the only season that delights us with flowers. Almond trees, which usually bloom during the winter in January, are known for their delicate white and pink blossoms that contrast with other trees’ lack of leaves.

The same thing occurs with the cherry trees, whose flowers are similar to the almond trees but tend to be a bit rosier. However, they choose the months of April to May in the springtime to bloom. They emit a sweet aroma that you can enjoy if you are nearby. The aromatic plants are located at their ease by the mountain of Collserola. In the case of thyme, equally as aromatic and a popular ingredient for cooking, its flowers are a small and beautiful prelude to its ideal use as a savory ingredient for food. The flowers are small, slightly bluish and produced in bouquets, and also bloom in the springtime. Rosemary also blossoms throughout the year with delicate blue flowers, abundant in the forested areas of Barcelona. 

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Photo by Montse Poch on VisualHunt

Another type of beautiful flower we can find in Barcelona is yellow jasmine, a large flower that blooms between spring and summer, specifically from April to August. Another yellow flower is the Spanish broom, which produces an intense aroma when it blooms from April to June. While the flowers are especially important to the Catalan culture, when it comes to Barcelona flowers, the wild rose bushes are truly indigenous to the area. Its flowers, white or slightly pink, blossom from April to June. The bushes also produce delicate flowers in the countryside of the Ciudad Condal. In this case, the rockrose is one of the most aromatic flowers that grows from April to June. Rockrose are large flowers of white or cream color.

*Main photo by Jörg Hempel via VisualHunt

What do you think are the most beautiful flowers in Barcelona? Have we left out any other interesting types of flora native to the city?

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