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Discover Café del Mar

Written by Rachel G

If you’ve spent much time in Barcelona, you’ve probably heard about the famous Café del Mar. But are you curious to know what it’s really all about? Don’t let its name fool you- it’s actually not a café at all, but rather a beach club, bar, and lounge. The original Café del Mar opened its doors in Ibiza in 1980 and has since become one of the most famous beach clubs in the world. It’s well known for its chill music, beach setting, and laid-back vibe. After expanding its bar and music brand outside of Ibiza, Café del Mar later opened a club, lounge, and even a boat in Barcelona.

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Table of Contents

The club

Photo via Pixabay

The Café del Mar Club is located at Port-Fòrvm and is divided into four areas: The Pool Zone, the Club, the Restaurant, and the Sky Terrace. In the Pool Zone, open both during the day and at night, visitors can enjoy a luxurious experience. In addition to the salt-water pool and sunbeds, they offer towel service, dressing rooms and lockers, and a long menu of cocktails and detox juices. The elegant and relaxed atmosphere along with their branded Chill Out music creates the same atmosphere of island life you’ll find at their original location in Ibiza.

The Club is where you’ll find the best music at Café del Mar. They bring the best international DJs of the moment to mix. With beautiful views and luxury VIP areas, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind electronic club in Barcelona.

The Restaurant offers beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for a fine dining experience. They serve delicious food and drink with unbeatable service in an upscale atmosphere fitting with the vibe of the club. Finally, to make the experience even more memorable, the sky terrace on the fourth floor offers incredible views overlooking the beach.

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The lounge

The elegant Café del Mar Lounge is a beautiful restaurant and bar located near Port Vell. They serve a delicious variety of seafood, meat, rice, and pasta dishes, along with a great selection of tapas, salads, and desserts. They have a long drink menu complete with inventive and high-quality cocktails. They host events and parties on a regular basis throughout the year and offers special group menus for large parties.

The boat

Photo via Pixabay

For one of the best Café del Mar experiences, the Boat Club it the place to be- because the only thing better than partying is partying on a luxury yacht. They host several events and parties throughout the year including their famous Sunset Experience. You can take in the Barcelona skyline and sunset from the sea right from a VIP bed with table service while listening to amazing DJs- an unparalleled luxury party experience in Barcelona.

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*Main photo via Visualhunt

About the author

Rachel G

Originally from the United States, Rachel has been living in Spain since 2014. After two years in Madrid, she moved to Barcelona in 2016 to pursue her passions in writing and photography. She spends her free time enjoying life in beautiful Barcelona and traveling around Europe as much as possible.


  • Hi Rachel,

    I am finding it quite difficult to find information about the new Cafe Del mar club you’ve mentioned. I am coming for a hen party next weekend and this would be perfect. Do you know if we can just turn up or is there a questlist/reservation form we need to do?

    Many thanks for your help.

    • Hi Maddison,
      I recommend you to make a reservation, without any doubt.
      Otherwise, you will not have access.
      Have fun 🙂

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