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Vertical Gardens in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Vertical gardens are a recent trend in going green and promoting the environment within an urban setting. In the mid-80s, the Barcelona City Council launched the Party Wall Recovery Program which has transformed more than 700 of the city’s walls left exposed after neighboring buildings were demolished. Most of these walls have been covered with artwork or modern windows, but in 2010, the City Council’s Institute of Urban Landscape allowed “Vegitecture,” vegetation on the building, to bring walls to life in a new and creative way. Here are a few places you can find vertical gardens in Barcelona.

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Fabrica Moritz

Photo via Pixabay

Outside of the well-known Fabrica Moritz, a vertical garden blends in with the colors and decor along their exterior patio. The garden goes up and across the outside wall about three stories high, surrounding the staircase and the glass-covered tanks that produce and store their beer. Those visiting the restaurant can step outside to look at the greenery that gives their terrace a special touch of nature. You can visit their vertical garden while enjoying a cold glass of beer for a special experience.

Jardí Tarradellas

Photo by ernestt1219 via Visualhunt

The Tarradellas Garden is a massive modular vertical wall with a free-standing facade covering one side of a residential building in the Les Corts neighborhood of the city. The garden is located in a private building that stands up 69 feet high. Inside, it’s a complete sensory experience with the strong, sweet fragrances of Trachelospermum jasminoides, the white star-shaped flowers, and the shrubby purple solanium jasminoides.

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Raval Theatre

Photo via Inhabitat

A flourishing wall of plants now covers the facade of the Raval Theatre in Barcelona. The vertical garden, built in 2013, utilizes a complex planting and watering system, self-sufficient with water storage integrated into the facade and solar panels that power the pump on the plants. The water itself is collected rainwater that’s stored in a reservoir below and behind the unplanted cell walls until it’s pumped out. With Chlorophytum comosum and Plectranthus sp. growing along the walls, the theatre is a wonderful sight that stands out among the rest of the buildings.

Barcelona has been promoting the growth of plants in various places in the city as an art form, completely transforming old buildings and plain areas into eye-popping sights with lush vertical gardens. They turn unattractive corners of the city into pieces of urban beauty by combining architecture and nature.

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Brian S

Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin

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  • ¡Buen post!

    Los jardines verticales son una alternativa preciosa para cualquier espacio que necesite vida y color. Además de aportar color, añaden un estilo diferente y moderno que cambia el estilo del lugar de manera radical. Los jardines verticales de plástico también consiguen un acabado perfecto y son mucho más fáciles de cuidar y mantener.

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