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All about Ramon Lllull University

Written by Christine

Every year, many students come from all over the world to take classes in Barcelona, either long-term or for a unique international experience. Barcelona is a city rich in culture, it has a fantastic weather, and most importantly, it has an impressive list of both public and private universities. One private university with an outstanding reputation is Ramon Llull University, located in downtown Barcelona. This is definitely a place that you should consider studying at if you plan to have a university experience in Barcelona.

History of the university

Photo by Fundació Pere Tarres via Visual hunt

Ramon Llull University was founded in 1990 and named after the famous Catalan philosopher and writer Ramon Llull. Llull is attributed to having written the first major work of literature in Catalan back in the 13th century. He studied languages and realized their importance, helped developed mathematical theories, and most importantly, gave a voice to Catalan literature. Due to Llull‘s many accomplishments, it was decided that a new and prestigious university was going to be named in his honor. So then, in 1990, the Ramon Llull University was established, comprising various departments and fields of study.

Address: Carrer de Claravall, 1-3

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Makeup of the university

Because this university is relatively young compared to others around the country, it is one of the most innovative and modern in all of Spain. Ramon Llull University is made up of 11 different research centers, examples including the famed and prestigious ESADE, as well as the ESDi School of Design. These centers can be found in different parts of the city and all are conveniently linked with public transportation. There are programs for all levels of university studies, such as bachelor’s, master’s degrees and Ph.D. programs. There are a wide variety of classes taught in English, which attract students from all over the globe to this cutting-edge university. Some popular programs include business, technology, and engineering, however, you can find a complete list of studies and programs on the university‘s website.

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Services and activities

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The university has 15 libraries available for its students, with convenient hours for all study schedules. For students who are not from Barcelona or the surrounding area, the school offers residence halls that come fully-equipped with all of the amenities to make you feel right at home. There are 3 halls to choose from, which belong to the school, as well as some spots that are located in other residencies. Students can also stay fit as Ramon Llull University offers two sports complexes that are state-of-the-art. Clubs and teams are abundant if you are looking to reach out and not only enjoy yourself, but to make friends and meet some new people along the way. Your time studying in a university is an experience of a lifetime, so make it an unforgettable one at Ramon Llull University!

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