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How To Decorate a Small Terrace – 10 Tips

corner terrace with decoration
Written by Daniella

If you have a house with a terrace, then you can count yourself lucky! Even if it is just a small terrace, you still have an outdoor space that you can enjoy at every moment of the year you wish. Use your terrace for having your small breakfast or to let some sunshine warm your body. 

Decorating small terraces should be done with consideration, and you should make use of tips and tricks to make the most of the space you have. This article will highlight 10 tips that you can try out immediately.

Ideas on how to decorate small terraces

Just like with any other small sized space, the trick with decorating a small terrace (or larger ones for that matter) is to use every centimeter you have. What ends up on your terrace or small balcony should be functional first. We will now share a few tips with you on how to decorate your small terrace.

Choose small terrace furniture

Small furniture is perfect for a small terrace. In order to not overdo it, only use furniture you need and nothing more.

Apply a minimalist style

When we say minimalist style we are referring to choosing only objects and accessories that are basic. The law of minimalism says: less is more. This means it is better to pick functional elements that you use every day for your terrace. For example: you can opt for folding chairs, and put them away in a corner of the terrace or balcony if you don’t use them. Another option is cushions. They don’t take up any extra space.

Small terrace with table and chairs

Balcony with folding table and folding chairs

Add lighting

One of the elements that succeed most when it comes to terrace decorations, and again it doesn’t matter if you have a small or big terrace, but that we often forget, is lighting. It is only logical that we use daylight during the day, but summer nights are ideal on the terrace. Lighting also has the effect that the space looks larger than it actually is.

Functional furniture

We already mentioned the minimalist style of decorating, and this also applies to selecting terrace furniture. They should be functional and preferably fill every corner of your space for optimal use. A small table can also be the spot where you put your blankets, and a folding table can be placed on your terrace railing for a little extra space.

small terrace with lighting

Small terrace with decorative lighting

Blend interior and outdoor decoration

This is a tip that will help you create a much larger terrace than it really is. With the help of a few tricks it will seem that your interior is not seperated from your exterior. You can do this by using the same colours or the same type of decorations on both sides.

If you are interested in applying this technique, but you don’t know how, don’t hesitate to contact our renovation and decoration department for help with your small terrace. They will collect all information on your space and then give you advice with the best options that are currently available.

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Add plants to your terrace

Every outdoor space needs plants to create a certain balance, but with both a small and large terrace you need to be careful not to exaggerate. One option is to add only small plants, or you can choose vines or climbers, because these will take up less space.

Use a storage organiser

Besides furniture and plants every terrace needs a place where you can protect and organise stuff against the wind and rain, like cushions for example. (And yes, it does rain in Barcelona, even if it is not often!) You can look for a small organizer that can serve as storage, and make it fit your terrace when it comes to shape and size.

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Small terrace with plants

Balcony with plants and vertical elements

Vertical decorations

Something that will do the trick and that you will almost see in every apartment that is for rent or sale in Barcelona when it has a small terrace, is vertical decorations. It means adding plants and other objects and accessories by using the walls of your terrace. You will be able to make much better use of space, all the while adding your personal touch to your outdoor space.

Use shelves on the wall

Yes, shelves are most definitely a must when it comes to decorating small terraces. Shelves on the walls allow you to add small plants, little souvenirs or other small pieces of decoration. You could use shelves, for example, to store a small fondue set or a small barbecue.

Small terrace with couch and wall shelf

Small terrace with couch and wall shelf

Corner couch for optimal use of space

Something that you must have seen before, and that perfectly fits in small terraces, is a bench or even a corner bench. L shaped benches make the most of your square meters of terrace, and you can even turn your bench into storage space if you can add a top with hinges or a removable top. Accessories like cushions will fit in this bench during the winter. The only thing left to do now is choose a style that you like.

We hope our tips are useful, and that, even if you have a small terrace, you use it every day.
Remember that you can rent or buy the best apartments in Barcelona to live life to the fullest!

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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