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The most stylish barbershops of Barcelona

Written by Tytti

If you are a man for whom hair matters (or your beard, as tends to be popular at the moment), getting a suitable haircut in Barcelona is not a difficult nor expensive operation. The amount of hairdressers and barber shops in this city is amazing,  and whatever your area may be, you can be sure there are at least a few fast and decent barbershops around. But for those looking for the must-have cut of the moment – or if you want a result that is more edgy than classic – to be on the safe side, you should head to a specific type of barbershops.

bar3In general, just by looking inside, you can tell whether the vibe of the place is trendy, elegant or edgy enough for you – or whatever that defines a great haircut for you. However, to make matters easier for you, we will give a few recommendations of stylish choices of barbershops – this way you will be able to avoid those oh-so-common disaster experiences. These salons suit the style-conscious, but their vibe is friendly enough for anyone to walk in regardless of tastes.

The classic favourite for expats looking for haircare in Barcelona is the Anthony Llobet chain of salons for men and women alike. You are guaranteed friendly service in English, and the salons suit anyone trend-aware who is looking for a good quality-cost ratio. Prices are mid-level and above (in Barcelona terms – but affordable in European terms), and the decor is unmistakably vintage. These delightful salons are found for example in Gràcia and El Born, but you can choose the one most convenient for you – all have the same concept and service.

bar2Another recommendation for the more hipster-inclined, or hipster-tolerant, are the barbershops of the chain Barcelona Barber Shop. You can find one of these elegant yet cool salons on the Torrent de l’Olla street in Gràcia, and the other points of service are in the Eixample and Sant Gervasi areas. These are the ultimate hip barbershops, and they should not be missed by anyone who wants their hair to have a touch of the latest vibe.

If you are after something more special, wilder or an entirely specific style – for example punk-inspired – El Raval and El Born are the places to go. These areas have some edgier salons for the more alternative tastes, and you are likely to get service in English as well (which is not that common in the salons of the more traditional areas of Barcelona).

About the author


Tytti is an online fashion store owner and freelance translator from Finland, who has lived in Barcelona on/off since 2009. She especially loves the sea, the cafeterias and the sun of Barcelona.

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