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Best Skate Stores In Barcelona

Written by James

Do you enjoy skating? If you do, then it is important that you know where are the best places to buy the equipment so that you can enjoy the sport. When it comes to Barcelona, there are plenty of shops that specialize in skating gear so finding one close to where you are shouldn’t be a problem.
The majority of the skate shops can be found in Ciutat Vella, a district which is made up of the Gothic, Raval, La Ribera and Barceloneta neighborhoods. Once you arrive in the heart of the city, you will immediately notice that streets in the Raval and Gothic are suitable for this kind of activity.

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El Gótico

The Gothic neighborhood is chock full of skate goodies. There, you have a choice of visiting 12 Pulgadas, on Carrer Duran I Bas, and Big Jump, on Carrer de la Canuda. For those who want more than just skates, a visit to 12 Pulgadas is a must. Al Carrer Skateshop on Carrer d’en Tantarantana is also a great place for skate aficionados, selling not only boards but also footwear and clothing. TommyGun, which is located at Carrer de les Moles, close to Plaza Catalunya, specializes in sneakers and streetwear but they also sell skates and longboards.

El Raval

Just like in the Gothic, the neighborhood of Raval has a good selection of shops to choose from. Amigos Skate Shop on Carrer del Dr. Dou and FTC, on Carrer del Notariat, are great choices in Raval, offering you a variety of parts so that you can build the perfect skate for you. Rufus Skate, on Carrer de la Ferlandina, sells a variety of skate-related products by their own brand. Don’t forget to check Block Shop on Passatge de Sant Bernat for some serious skate gear shopping.

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Used skateboards online

As long as Barcelona loves skating, there will always be older boards that needing a new home. If you´re looking for a cheaper option, you can find plenty of segunda mano, or second hand, skateboards online in the Barcelona area, ususally between 10 – 200 euros. Check out selling and trading platforms such as Vibbo and Wallapop, where locals are constantly selling various types of boards, gear, clothing and more. If you´re only here for a short time, you can re-sell the board when you’re done with it!

Where to go skating in Barcelona

Photo via Unsplash

One of the most popular spots for skaters in Barcelona is the plaza right in front of MACBA, in the Raval. There is plenty of space to roll and a number of steps to jump off of. Another place that is usually jam-packed with skaters, bikers, and rollerbladers is the Mar Bella Skatepark in the neighborhood of Poblenou. Located right next to the beach, this pool-like concrete structure has a lot of curves, bumps, and walls where skaters can practice a variety of tricks. A second place for skaters in the district of Sant Martí is the Forum Skate Park, located next to the Diagonal Mar mall and the Natural Science Museum. This area, which hosts a variety of fairs and events throughout the year, has plenty of empty space, ramps, and steps that can provide hours of skating fun for both experts and beginners. If you are hanging around the Les Corts district, head on to Les Corts Skatepark, which offers over 2000 square meters of skating surface inside the Áurea Cuadrado gardens.

If you want to venture to go a little bit further, you can pay a visit to Skate Agora, a public square that is 100% dedicated to skating. This skate park was designed by California Skateparks and it was the very first skatepark to be certified by the Street League Skateboarding in this area, which means it prepared to host international competitions. This is a truly special place to go skating, with over 5000 square meters and a variety of flat rails, quarter pipes, and hubbas.

A new space that is great for skating, particularly on rainy days, is the Green Indoor Park. This venue offers visitors the opportunity to take place in a variety of activities and also has spaces dedicated to skating, biking and rollerblading. To have access to Green Indoor Park, visitors have to buy a ticket.

You can also combine skating with your night out and opt for Nevermind in El Raval. While unassuming on the outside, this bar contains an indoor skate park and is preferred by lovers of grunge, rock, and alternative music.

As you can see, Barcelona is a very skater-friendly city, the perfect place to buy some quality gear and spend hours after hours rolling.

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