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Where to skate in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Barcelona is a city worldwide known for having many skating infrastructures, in addition to parks and areas to do tricks with the skateboard along with the permissiveness of the authorities towards this practice. In ShBarcelona we know that the “culture of skateboarding” does not usually reveal the best locations to skate to avoid agglomerations and to mislead the police when they decides to apply the laws in some of these points. However, in this article we give you some clues about where to find the best places to skate either for amateurs or professional skaters who come to the city for that purpose. The rest of the places you’ll have to discover yourself…

agora bdnAgora BDN: this stakepark in Badalona is brand new, it opened this month and deserves your attention, ONLY SKATES ALLOWED. Here will take place the Street League on the 16th and the 17th of May, so it is a fully approved park. Has 7 steps, a central hubba, handrails on both sides, a volcano, and their opening hours is from 10am until midnight on weekends and from 10am to 10pm on weekdays.

Plaça dels Àngels (MACBA Square): This place is legendary for all skater who comes to Barcelona, both for its central location, for all the available spots to perform some tricks with the board, and for the unique charm that has this trends, music and arts hub.

"macbaLes Corts Skate Park: this skatepark in the district of Les Corts recently opened to rescue a forgotten place, the Aurea Cuadrado gardens in the La Maternitat and Sant Ramon neighbourhoods. It is allowed to skaters, BMX bikers or rollerblading, there are walls, ramps, stairs, platforms and railings to have a good time.

Mar Bella Skatepark: this skatepark is also relatively new, and has 3000 square meters to all skating fans at all levels and in different areas. Being next to the beach of Mar Bella is perfect for skating and spend a day at the beach sunbathing and having a bath in addition to being a good skating spot.

skatepark marbellaPlaça dels Països Catalans (Sants Train Station Square): This square is right outside the Sants train station and is usually full of skaters doing tricks on benches and stairs, but doesn’t have the usual facilities of a skatepark. Sometimes it is better to take advantage of what the city offers you “naturally” rather than going to facilities specifically prepared to being skated. It’s more exciting!

Parc del Forum: The Forum is a park that was built at the end of the promenade for an event more than 10 years ago and is now used for concerts or music festivals, among other events. Has stairs, ramps, slopes and perfect rails to perform tricks with your board and also you can take stunning photos in various locations over there.


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