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Rollerblading in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Want to spend some time rollerblading in Barcelona? Then here is what you need to know:

Where to buy the gear


Inercia rollerblade barcelonais an online store that sells a variety of skating products. At Inercia you can find Inline rollerblades, ice skates, quads (four-wheel rollerblades), and a variety of accessories, spare parts and protections.

Inercia also sells scooters, longboards, Heelys (sneakers with wheels), and accessories for freebording, Trikke, Slacklining, freelining/driftskating, skating, and fingerskating.

Where to learn

Escola Official de Patinage

Founded in 1996, Escola Official de Patinage has a team of experienced instructors to guide you through your learning processes. At Escola Official de Patinage you can take Freestyle Slalom lessons, Urban skating lessons, figure line skating lessons, downhill lessons, roller dance and choreography lessons, street skating lessons and hockey lessons. There are also lessons for kids.

Escola Official de Patinage has five different locations where the lessons take place: Poliesportiu Estació del Nord, Poliesportiu Clot de la Mel, La Farga de L’Hospitalet, the Downhill Park at Estació del Nord, and Arc de Triomf.


Rodats is both a store and a rollerblading school. The store sells a variety of skates for different uses like artistic rollerblading, freeskating, freestyling, and speed. There are inline skates, four wheel skates, ice skates, and also scooters. Rodats sells equipment and accessories by brands like Aerogogo, Bestial Wolf, Gyro, Crazy Skates, Jackson, Anarchy and Intermezzo.

Rodats’ rollerblading school has been teaching students how to rollerblade for over 20 years, promoting rollerblading a way to exercise, to keep healthy, to clear the mind and to make new acquaintances. You can choose between Urban Skating, Freestyle, Slalom Tricks, and extracurricular classes for kids.

Rodats is located at Carrer de Casp, 75.

Where to become a bad-ass skater

Barcelona Roller Derby

rollerblade barcelonaBarcelona Roller Derby’s Ingles de Acero is the first FULL WFTDA member league in Spain. The group first got together in the end of 2010, later developing into a competitive league. The current team is formed by twenty eight daring women with nicknames like Ave Fenix, Barbarie, Flecha, Murder She Rolled, Polvora, and Violent Femme.

If you would like to join these bad-ass girls, go to one of Barcelona Roller Derby’s trimestrial calls to find new skaters. To make it into the league you need to at least be able to cross your legs when turning, brake in T and in plow. The tryouts last a total of 12 weeks.

Barcelona Roller Derbys’s tryouts take place at CEM Trinitat Vella.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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