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The best gin-tonics in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

As our palate matures and adapts to different flavors we start to like bitter tastes and less sugary, both in terms of food and drink. That’s why ordering a gin tonic is more typical of adults and, therefore, has a connotation of elegance and appreciation for a good cocktail, and not for the cheapest drink that the young people is looking for. In Barcelona bars have got the growing tendency to look for a good gin and tonic, serving and getting specialized in their preparation and presentation. ShBarcelona’s website suggests you some of the places that you should definitely go if you want to try the best gin tonic in the city. We can’t list them all, so if anyone knows another place, any suggestion is welcomed.

Milano: To access the bar you will have to go downstairs to an underground space with a 40s aesthetics, as if you were in the middle of Prohibition in Chicago, which adds charm to a gin tonic served in a glass of cider by one of the ex-barmen of the bar Boadas. Ronda Universitat, 35.

Torre Rosa: a cocktail bar inside the typical Catalan upper-class home of the early twentieth century, with terrace and garden. You can choose between 35 gin brands and from 6 tonic brands. C/ Francesc Tarrega, 22.

Boadas: a classic among classics to have an excellent mixed gin tonic. In this night landmark in the middle of la Rambla seems that the time hasn’t passed by, and therefore many feel at home within its walls. C/ Tallers, 1.

Bobby Gin: as you can read in one of the walls of the Bobby Gin at Gracia district, “God Save The Gin” and whom prepares it. With a great decoration and customer service. C/ Francisco Giner, 47.

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Cassette: this bar is packed every Friday and Saturday night by young people because of the high quality of their gin tonics. You can also eat some tapas before 10pm for free with your drink. C/ de l’Est, 11.

Twist: although Sarrià is not the most common area to party, if you are staying in it and looking for a place to have a good drink, Twist is the best option, with excellent cocktails, music performances and workshops. Highly recommended. C/ Rafael Batlle, 11.

Ideal Cocktail Bar: This cocktail bar was founded in 1931 by the grandfather of the current owner, Jose M ª Gotarda, an expert barman and winner of several cocktail awards. Guaranteed success. C/ Aribau, 89.

Negroni: in this stylish bar located in the heart of Raval there’s no cocktail menu, but the barman suggests to the client what to drink based on his/her tastes. How do you like your gin tonic? C/ Joaquin Costa, 46.

Ultramarinos: more than 25 different combinations and more than 80 gin brands from around the world to choose will result in a orange, strawberry and cardamom gin tonic, or an apple and cinnamon gin tonic, for example. C/ Sant Pau, 126.

Elephanta: there are good places to have a gin tonic in Gracia too! In this place with good music and good atmosphere, you will find the perfect cocktail of any of the 40 gins and tonics to choose from. C/ Torrent d’en Vidalet, 37.

Xix Bar: the Xix Bar is a bar but also a gin and tonic store and tasting center where you can learn to appreciate this drink with experts. C/ Rocafort, 19.

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