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Do Pilates with your baby in Barcelona

Are you the kind of woman who is addicted to Pilates? Do not worry, while pregnant or even after having your baby, you will be able to keep practicing on a regular basis. It is not only possible, it is also recommended: postpartum pilates exercises strengthen the pubic floor, abdomen and upper back, ideal for a good postpartum recovery. In addition, one in three women who give birth will encounter incontinence problems, so Pilates is essential to regain shape. If you think you won’t have time to carry out all the activities you used to do before, bring your baby with you. Practicing Pilates with your baby will create special bonds with the newborn and help you boost your confidence. ShBarcelona found at least four studios where you can do Pilates with your baby in Barcelona.


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Yoga Pilates Bcn in Born is a shelter to stay in shape, strengthen the body, stretch and breathe. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and a beautiful room to practice your favourite sport with natural light and the best view of the city. Prenatal classes incorporate Yoga and Pilates exercises and stretches to strengthen and gain flexibility during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth and to be a mother. The focus of the class is to strengthen the oblique musculature (which supports the belly during pregnancy), the pelvic/perineal floor and the legs and arms. You will also work with special attention to the stability of the pelvis and spine, to maintain good posture and alignment and avoid pressures on the pelvic floor, indigestion and back pain during and oafter pregnancy. You will use Fitball, Elastic Bands and Magic Ring to work arms, legs, chest, pelvic floor etc. For 10 classes you will spend 125€.

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After childbirth, it is very important to recover well. It is recommended to rest during quarantine (40 days after delivery) and then start a specific exercise program for postnatal recoveryMamiFit offers semi-private classes during which you can bring your baby and recover with professional instruction. They define themselves as the number 1 company to prevent postpartum depressionThey encourage you to join before if you feel alone or need to be among women who are in the same or similar situation as you, since this will help you to observe, learn and socialize with your future classmates. Think about MamiFit if you want to practice water classes while pregnant. Go to their website to find the closest class to you. 30€ per month for one class per week. 

Happy Milk

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Before starting any kind of exercise, it would be advisable to consult your doctor, who is the one who knows best how you are after having your child. In fact, if the delivery has been by caesarean, you have to be even more careful. Why is it beneficial to do Pilates with your baby? Practicing Pilates will stimulate the baby’s emotional and sensory growth. In addition, they improve their communication abilities, their memory and perception. They also become more aware of their muscles and have all the attention of the mother, which fills them with affection and care. At Happymilk, they offer Pilates and Yoga classes dedicated to the psychophysical well-being of the mother with her baby, sharing exercises specially dedicated to the postpartum recovery. 40€/month for one class a week.

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Well Woman Centre

Bring your baby, meet other mothers and work on your pelvic floor at the same time at Well Woman Centre! Classes are taught in English by a trained Pilates physiotherapist/trainer. Lucy has specialized in working with women during pregnancy and postpartum. She also has a strong interest in the field of sports injuries (especially those related to running), where she combines personal experiences with professional experience using a wide range of treatments such as acupuncture, muscle activation, manual therapy and exercise. Lucy has been working recently to treat people with anxiety. Before joining a class you must have completed at least 6 weeks of vaginal birth or 12 weeks of cesarean section. 15€ per class or 40€ per month.

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