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Deluxe Barcelona – your guide to luxury

Written by Emma

While staying in such a divinely beautiful city, allowing yourself to experience some of Barcelona’s many luxuries is a must. There are a whole manner of lavish treats waiting for you to indulge in at every corner.

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One of the best ways to self-indulge is with stunning, splendorous food. Alkimia is one of the most luxuriously rich restaurants in which to delve into stunning Catalan cuisine. Renowned chef Jordi Vila presents mouth-watering morsels with a delectable high-end menu filled with experimental takes on traditional Catalan dishes. This restaurant and its food is the epitome of extravagance, with a wine cellar to match for a true taste of the high life. Barcelona also boasts over 20 more Michelin starred restaurants, many of which have been awarded two stars for their outstandingly elegant and whimsical food. To name a few worldwide gastronomic leaders, we have Moments, another Catalan-style restaurant, and the cutting edge Enoteca specialising in experimental dishes based on maritime culture.


Possibly the most refined and magnificent hotel in Barcelona is the stunning Monument Hotel. Situated opposite the La Pedera building and close to Gaudi’s inspiring Casa’s, Monument Hotel is an architectural gem in it’s own right. This elegant and impressive hotel is also located in the central hotspot for luxury shopping in the whole of Barcelona, filled with hundreds of high-end stores for you to splash out in. The interior design of Monument Hotel is modern, extravagant and divine – you will feel like royalty indulging in any of their many luxury services or dining at the hotel’s outstanding restaurant. Monument’s goals for your stay are simply to make it the most spectacularly luxurious stay possible, offering services such as personalised flower arrangements, bespoke fitness rooms and personalised exclusive guest experience services.

Another fantastic luxury hotel is the renowned W Hotel, adorning the far end of Barceloneta beach. Also a stunning piece of architecture, this famous hotel with endless views of the Balearic Sea knows how to give it’s clientele a VIP stay. This hotel is chic, modern and catered to sumptuous lavishness. At the W Hotel, you can enjoy private terraces, personal hot tubs and living areas, as well as a gorgeous rooftop bar and countless other outstanding amenities.


In terms of luxury spas, Zen Zone Spa within Gran Hotel La Florida will send you into a blissful haven of beauty and relaxation. This spa is said to be the finest in the whole of Catalonia and offers a range of high-end services that are very much exclusive in the spa world. At Zen Zone Spa you can enjoy the most exquisite quality products money can buy with services to match. They offer signature sumptuous services from the couples “Voyage to the Orient ritual” including a traditional Japanese Ampuku massage, facials and renowned foot therapy sessions, to Turkish baths and an opulent sun lounging area with views of the entire city high up and far.


helicopter tourIf you’re interested in new, exciting experiences and really want to treat yourself, luxury experience options are endless here in Barcelona. Have you ever wanted to go on a private wine tour? Lifestyle Barcelona offer a truly VIP experience beyond what you could imagine. This company offers the opportunity to be whisked away by your own personal chauffeur to one of Catalunya’s finest boutique shopping destinations – La Roca. From here you will board a private helicopter tour and admire the awe-inspiring views of the cityscape below before landing at a beautiful national reserve park. Within this park you will go on a truly exclusive wine tour and learn specialised knowledge of some of Spain’s most sought-after wines – not to mention taste them. On top of all of this, you will be invited to dine at a gourmet lunch with absolutely stunning views of the private vineyards.

If you’d rather experience luxury grandeur by sea, this company also offer an opulent chance to spend a couple of hours watching the sun set from the tranquil setting of a jazz cruise. Imagine relaxing on an impressive and beautiful boat with the dulcet tones of saxaphone filling the atmosphere. Meanwhile, you observe the sky turning orange and pink and an alluring haze cast itself upon the city skyline.

Which of Barcelona’s deluxe delights cater to your desires?

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Emma is a psychology student and writer with an interest in art, travel, culture, food and wine.

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