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Boxing classes in Barcelona

Written by Miguel

Are you looking to learn how to move like a butterfly and sting like a bee? Although boxing isn’t nearly as popular today as it was in the past, both as a sport and as a physical activity, it’s still a pretty good choice to lay off some steam and stay in shape.

In televised sports, it has been surpassed by the more visually exciting, fast-growing MMA. In gyms, the diversity of activities that is now available to the public, combined with much less media exposure, have greatly reduced its appeal. Still, when it comes to the benefits it provides for your mind and body, boxing continues to be an excellent choice when looking to practice a combat sport or just a regular physical activity in general.

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Benefits of boxing

Photo by IRGlover via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

Photo by IRGlover via Visualhunt

Cardiovascular Health – Like any physical activity that is practiced regularly, boxing will improve the capacity of your heart and lungs, providing you with more endurance.

Body Strength – You’ll be surprised at how much power you need to properly punch a boxing bag. The number of punches you’ll throw in training, combined with the other physical exercises that are an important part of a boxing workout, will improve the strength of your overall body.

Stress relief – Not only does any kind of intense exercise release endorphins, but the concentration required to properly learn and execute the techniques of boxing will also play a huge role in helping you clear your mind.

More muscle, less fat – The combination of cardio and strength building exercise provided by boxing classes is an excellent way to turn fat into muscle. Of course, simultaneously sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet will be a huge factor in making this work.

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Where to take classes in Barcelona

El Club de La Lucha This Barcelona combat club offers boxing classes every day of the week, with sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening. Classes are tailored based on gender, in order to attend the specific needs of both men and women boxers, but their basic structure is the same. You will start by doing stretches and warm-up exercises before putting on your gloves and practising striking techniques with either a live sparring partner or a punching bag. Sessions end with a cool down, featuring a fitness circuit and more stretching.

Address – Casp, 147.
Contacts – 688 41 44 89 or

Photo by via / CC BY

Photo by via / CC BY

DiR Clubs This health club chain offers boxing classes in different gyms around Barcelona, some of them having an actual ring. There are others that offer a space for boxing, but these do not provide a teacher so you’d be limited to sparring with other practitioners.

Address and Contacts – With so many Barcelona locations to choose from, it’s advisable that you take a look at the health club’s official website. Just pick the gym closest to where you live from the address list provided and its specific contact information will be displayed.

That’s it, you can stop uppercutting the air in anticipation now. Choose the Barcelona gym that best fits you, go punch some bags and have fun!

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