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Getting the most out of Barcelona: get social, get fit

Getting the most out of Barcelona: get social, get fit
Written by Paula

Moving to a new city is not always the most pleasant experience. The packing, the expenses and the stress can turn the transition into a living hell. But what can be even harder than that is to be in a city where you don’t have a group of friends.

exercise barcelonaIf you are moving to Barcelona, don’t let the idea of being alone get you down. There are a great number of activities you can take part in where you can meet new and exciting people. And if you are a fitness fan, one of the best and healthiest ways to start creating your new social network is by joining one of the many exercise groups in town.

Meetup is an online service in which users can create groups where people with similar interested gather to discuss certain topics, exchange ideas and go on activities together. There are several meetup groups for people who like to exercise, which normally offer activities for a very affordable price. Some examples are Pilates, Yoga & Fitness in the park; International Group Training; Bogatell Beach Tennis; Barcelona x2 Beach Volleyball, Barcelona CrossFit Workouts, BCN Badminton, Martial Arts & Self Defense, among many others.

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Street Workouts is also an interesting option. These high-intensity workouts use public facilities such as playgrounds and parks, using the benches, curbs, stairs, rocks and trees as their machines. Street Workouts is a combination of calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, and athletics. Check out more information at Street Workouts official website.

Do you enjoy hiking? Then try the Barcelona Hiking & Outdoors Group where you can meet other hiking enthusiasts. The group is open to beginners and people of all levels of hiking experience.

exercise barcelonaOne other top item in the list of things to do in Barcelona is taking a walking tour. There are several services that offer walking tours around the city, but if you are trying to save money, look for the free tours services. Runner Bean Tours is one of the most popular free tours service, offering the following tours: Gaudí, Old City, Kids & Family, The Dark Past, and A City of Contrasts. Another good name is Feel Free Tours, offering tours of the Old City, Gràcia Neighborhood, Gaudí Modernism, and even a Best of Barcelona Bike Tour.

There are many options when it comes to exercising and socializing in Barcelona. Just choose your favorite and start making some cool new friends!

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