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Where to Eat Paella in Gràcia

Written by Garry Gallon

Everyone knows that paella is the traditional Spanish dish. But everyone should also know that Barcelona boasts some of the best paella around. Because of the city’s seaside location, Barcelona is brimming with paella made with delicious fresh fish, as well as premium meat and vegetables.

Why not let ShBarcelona guide you on your paella odyssey in Gràcia?

Arroseria Xàtiva

Photo by Federico Galarraga via

Photo by Federico Galarraga via Visualhunt

After 10 years of operation, Arroseria Xàtiva has gained a reputation as true paella specialists.  Walk down Torrent d’en Viladet and you will find a charming paella restaurant where you pay roughly 25 euros for delicious, elaborate paellas made from over 30 different varieties of rice. On top of this, they also boast the traditional Catalan dish fideuà, calderetas y other Catalan specialties.


Roig Robí

A specialist in traditional Catalan cuisine as well as delicious rice dishes, Roig Robí is a classic and beloved paella restaurant in Gràcia. One of the biggest selling points of this charming locale is the ample outdoor terrace, where you can go to simply enjoy some delicious home cooking or even reserve for private events. The large menu offers a wide selection of rice dishes and paella, as well as other delicious seafood dishes. With the help of some creative chefs, the restaurant also offers some very imaginative options that nonetheless retain those quintessential Mediterranean flavors.

Address: Carrer de Sèneca, 20 

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El Disbarat

Photo by yasmapaz & ace_heart via

Photo by yasmapaz & ace_heart via Visualhunt

Although an informal sort of place, El Disbarat boasts a range of fantastic hearty meals, ranging from meat dishes to caracols, and some delicious paella. They offer special set menus for groups, at lunchtime and weekends. In addition to their diverse food menu, they also offer great drinks at reasonable prices, which makes El Disbarat a great option for some pre-party drinks when you go out clubbing in Gracia!

Address: Carrer del Montseny, 14

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As is the custom we have saved the best for last, for Botafumeiro really offers some of the very best paella in Gràcia. The locale stands as one of the most legendary and best restaurants in Gràcia thanks to the great seafood paella that they serve. This rather expensive restaurant offers a range of carefully elaborated seafood delicacies including many Catalan and Galician specialties. Try the black paella made using squid ink and cuttlefish.

Address: Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 81

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Garry Gallon

A Scotsman living in Barcelona who loves the culture of the city, and finding out about what it has to offer.

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