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Best places for paella in Poble Sec

Written by Thompson Crowley

The food in Spain is second to none. Along with the weather, it’s one of the main reasons tourists flock here in during the holidays. The country grows a vast amount of fruit and vegetables, exporting over 10 billion euros’ worth of produce to places around the world each year, and also keeping plenty for itself. So, it’s no surprise that most restaurants in Barcelona only use the freshest ingredients to make some of the world’s finest dishes.

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Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Paella originated in Valencia but soon became popular in the rest of Spain. It is a rice dish, served with different mixtures of vegetables, as well as chicken and seafood. The dish’s popularity has also grown all over the world in recent years, so whilst in Spain, tourists seek to try the original version. Many restaurants have it on the menu but not all of them are worth trying.

Here are the three best places for paella in Poble sec.

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Martinez is located on Carretera de Miramar, close to the Montjuïc tunnel. It can be a bit tricky to find, but once you do, you’ll be impressed. The restaurant offers great views, looking out over Barcelona and across to the Mediterranean. Martinez is a rice restaurant, serving up all manner of dishes, paella being one of their specialties. The restaurant staff goes all out to make sure both the food and the service are to a very high standard. This makes the prices go up, but both the experience and the meal are well worth the value. Elche


Elche is located on Carrer de Vila i Vilà, close to Teatre Apolo. It is an upscale restaurant which specializes in seafood, well famed for its excellent paella. They also have great starters, such as white asparagus with mayonnaise, and fried artichokes, so prepare to have your mouth watering from the moment you open the menu.

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Photo by Instituto Cervantes de Tokio via / CC BY-SA

Photo by Instituto Cervantes de Tokio via

Montalban is located on Carrer de Margarit, right in the center of Poble Sec. It is also a Mediterranean seafood restaurant, a little more humble than Elche. It is a small family run establishment with a simple yet welcoming feel. They focus mainly on the food, which really is outstanding, including some excellent paella dishes. It doesn’t open until 9 pm, but there are plenty of nearby bars to have a drink in until then. The staff is extremely friendly, and there is an English menu for those who can’t speak Spanish or Catalan.

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