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Nightclubs in Gràcia

Written by Paula

Itching to hit the dancefloor? Here is our selection of the best nightclubs in Gràcia.

Famous nightclubs


maxresdefault (2)Possibly the most popular nightclub in Gràcia, Duvet is a retro-looking venue that plays dance music and 90’s classics. Despite not being the priciest nightclub in Barcelona, a night at Duvet will make you spend a good amount of cash.


Formerly known as KGB, Canela is a latin nightclub that hosts weekly salsa, rumba, and bachata sessions. This nightclub is very popular among people between 25 and 35 years old.

Low-cost night clubs

nightclub barcelonaAlfa

Don’t want to spend too much money on your night out? Then head on to Alfa, a nightclub decorated with old records hanging from the ceiling. Alfa plays the latest hits and 80’s and 90’s classics.


Smaller than AlfaAlmo2 is a cool place for a night out, playing great music and hosting karaoke sessions.

Barcelona is an excellent city for those who love the night, with a wide variety of nightclubs to suit different tastes and wallets. If you want to discover which are the hottest venues in the city, read our article about Barcelona’s top nightclubs.

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