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Discover the Swedish culture in Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona is a melting pot of cultures and people, one of the things that makes this city so unique and exciting. Walking down the streets you will take in a variety of smells coming from exotic restaurants, hear people speaking in different languages, and see shops that boast products and fashion from countries all over the world. Next time you’re out and about in Barcelona, discover the Swedish culture in Barcelona as there are many restaurants, shops, and cultural centers that highlight the best of Swedish cuisine, language, and culture. Read on to learn where to experience Swedish culture for yourself in Barcelona.

Where to eat Swedish cuisine

Photo via Pixabay

To get a delicious taste of Swedish cooking in Barcelona, head on over to Pappa Sven, where traditional Swedish cuisine is served up daily. For €20, you can take advantage of the smörgåsbord, or open buffet, which is the best way to sample a bit of everything Pappa Sven serves up. Tasty Swedish meatballs, fresh salmon, and grilled meats that will make your mouth water, all washed down by an ice cold beer (or other beverage). You can also try the menú del día during the week for €14 which includes open salad bar, main course, dessert, and a drink. Try Pappa Sven and discover the surprising tastes, smells, and delights of Swedish cuisine. Address: Carrer de Villarroel, 22.

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Buy Swedish products

To see the latest in Swedish furniture and home decoration that’s a bit more unique than Ikea, try Nordicthink. You can discover the latest trends in Swedish design to inspire you to update and transform your home. Lastly, try Suecos, a Swedish shoe company that makes comfy and innovative shoes that will save your feet from hours of standing or walking.

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Experience Swedish culture

Photo vía Pixabay

To learn Swedish language and more about the culture you can sign up for classes at Internationella Skolorna Barcelonaa language school in the heart of Barcelona that also offers photography and art workshops. They have been offering Swedish classes since 2005 as a part of the Swedish Foundation, which allows residents in Barcelona to discover and take part in Swedish culture through learning the language. Internationella Skolorna also offers trips to Sweden with the school to practice the language firsthand and in context. You can check out the website or head to the school to learn more about registration and class scheduling. Address: Via Laietana, 45.

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