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Traditional festivals

Barcelona street celebrations create the perfect party atmosphere

Mercè Barcelona
Written by James

If you intending to visit Catalan’s Capital Barcelona at any point in the future, but have decided when. Might we suggest that you do so when one of the city’s many festivals or celebrations are taking place in its streets. This will then help you to take advantage of and really enjoy the essence of this amazing city.

Most of the festivals that occur reflect what is considered to be the best cultural traditions of not only the city but also the Catalan region as a whole.

Fiesta BarcelonaThe first festival to consider attending which is one of the most popular that takes place in the streets of Barcelona is Las Fiestas de Gracia (Festa Major de Gràcia). This particular festival takes place between 15th and 21st August each year. Throughout the festival it feels like the party never stops and is being driven on by various street art and cultural events. Plus there are also numerous literary and gastronomic events that visitors to this festival can enjoy.

Whilst enjoying the festival, which really helps to bring out the true essence of the Gràcia district of the city, don’t forget to enjoy getting involved with the many activities taking place. This festival really gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in what really is a fun city. Especially make time to enjoy one of the many fantastic concerts that take place that help to show off each neighborhood within this district of Barcelona to their best. A quick visit to the festivals own website can provide you with more information about events taking place along with how to get there using public transport.

The other great festival that takes place in the city is the Festival de la Mercè. It may not be as well known, as the one previously discussed, but is the largest to be held in the Catalan capital. This festival usually takes place during the third week in September and has been taking place for more than 100 years now. There are numerous shows and activities you can enjoy when attending and one of the most popular seems to be that known as the “Fire Run”. A fire show that takes to the streets of the city, however be careful and keep your distance from the performers whenever possible.

Fiesta BarcelonaWhat you’ll love about this particular festival is that during the daytime the younger children will have plenty to enjoy, whilst at night you’ll find the events laid on are more focused on ensuring that the adults have a good time as well. Apart from the Fire Run visitors to this festival can enjoy several musical and cultural events along with some amazing gastronomic delights.

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