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Mountain climbing in Barcelona

Are you open to trying a new sport in Barcelona? In the Catalan city, there are different places that offer mountain enthusiasts the opportunity to experience their passion at their own pace, on weekdays and weekends. If you are a beginner and need to get confident before climbing a rock, or if you are someone that can not spend a week without climbing, here are the best spots selected by ShBarcelona, for mountain climbing.

Freebloc Barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

FreeBloc Barcelona trains you as a climber with courses taught by accredited teachers. You will benefit from professional knowledge and the highest levels of safety at the same time. For beginners, you can apply to their initiation course that mixes theory and simulated practice. The course includes basic technique and practice, use of material and equipment necessary for the practice of climbing and progression, using effective and safe security protocols. Different styles of climbing can be chosen but the practice will always take place on an over-60m high wall. At the end of each training, a certificate of attendance to the course is delivered. Enjoy a unique experience like rock climbing with all the safety! Annual subscription costs 300 euros.

Address: C Rossend Arús, 11-15

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Climbat La Foixarda Bcn

Climbat is well-known in the world of climbing as an operator of climbing rooms oriented for all levels: from initiations in climbing to training and improvement for climbers of the highest level. Climbat offers you a great option to relax, take distance and refocus. According to them, the indoor climbing in the center of the city represents a way of doing a slow activity in a fast world. The first option they offer is the climbing of a boulder. It consists of ascending blocks or small walls, without the necessity of the conventional materials. The block presents “problems” to be solved, both in ascension and in crossing. You can try rope climbing as well and go over different climbing routes of different degrees of difficulty. It is certainly the most spectacular form of this sport since it reaches higher altitudes than those practiced in the bouldering technique.

Address: Camí de la Foixarda, 14-18

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La Pancha del Bou

Photo by crazyoctopus via VisualHunt

La Pancha del Bou is a new concept gym/indoor climbing school intended for all audiences. Located in Sabadell, it has facilities for practicing this sport at all levels: from those who want to have their first contact with the wall, to those who have lots of experience. You can climb the climbing wall with or without rope, train yourself on the boulder, do cardio training in the spinning room, gain muscle in the weights room, or even treat yourself with a massage. They offer special initiation courses for kids or adults and a special wall for experts in climbing. This school located in Badalona is the perfect gym to subscribe to!

Address: Carrer Quintana, 80 08205 – Sabadell

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