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Things to do in September in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Barcelona is a city that offers a variety of opportunities for leisure, giving you infinite possibilities for things to do during your stay. The Ciudad Condal has everything: beaches, high-quality restaurants, a multitude of bars and cafes with excellent products, parks, theaters, cinemas, museums, impressive historical monuments, forests, theme parks, a wide range of stores to go shopping… the possibilities are endless. Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we talk about things to do in Barcelona in September,  a prolific month due to its important artistic and creative offerings, among other things.

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September in Barcelona: enjoy its offering of leisure

Photo via Pixabay

Culture and spectacle – we often look for entertainment when we visit or move to a new city and don’t know what to do. The first option we offer is located in one of the most emblematic sites in Barcelona, an obligatory place to visit. The Poble Espanyol is a multicultural space that owes its creation to the World’s Fair that took place in Barcelona in 1929. This melting pot of Iberian cultures is a compound of the different towns that form Spain, created as replicas of the principal monuments of each place and its idiosyncrasies.  This area evolved with time and has become an ideal space for culture, spectacle, music, gastronomy, and nightlife. This summer, under the epigraph of Nits d’Estiu (summer nights), are different programmed  offerings including cinema, theater, children’s shows and concerts. You can see the complete program here.

Barcelona, like any other Spanish city, has a patron to whom everyone pays homage. The best form of paying homage to this person is by organizing a large annual festival for this reason. In the case of the Ciudad Condal, the celebration occurs from the 21 to 24 of September. The fiestas de la Mercè, named for the patron of Barcelona, are one of the most important events in the city. Concerts, theater, cultural events, solidarity, revindication, shows, pyrotechnics and much, much more await you this year at La Mercè 2018, where Leticia Dolera will be the inaugurator and Lisbon will be the invited city. You can find more information about the event here.

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Photo via Pixabay

Finally, we propose a fun and enticing romantic experience. Something you should, without a doubt, do at least once in your life. How does it sound to enjoy Catalonia from a hot air balloon? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of doing it, or maybe you’ve never thought about it but it sounds like a fantastic experience. With the company Barcelona Ballon Flights, you can do it. While it’s not located in the actual city of Barcelona, since it is not permitted to fly hot air balloons there, there are three locations where you can enjoy this fun ride. The first, and closest to Barcelona, is the mountain of Montserrat, an emblem of Catalonia that has a magical and mysterious history in its hills. Afterwards, Barcelona Ballon Flights offers the marvelous green lands of the Catalonian Pyrenees as another option, and for those who love the sea, the beautiful and blue wild places of the Costa Brava. You choose. You can visit their website here (only available in English, German and Chinese).

How do our September options sound to you? Will you sign up for one of them?

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American journalist living temporarily in Spain. Her passions include news and feature writing, Spanish language and culture and the outdoors.

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