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Practice water sports in Barcelona!

Written by Adriana

If you like sports but hate to practice in summer because the high temperatures make you sweat excessively, the solution is to go for an activity where you are constantly in contact with water. Nothing more refreshing than water sports! If you spend your holiday in Barcelona, the recreational options that the city has to offer are varied and, above all, fun. Do you want to take a dip while you get in shape? Go ahead! One of the most original and most fashionable sport right now is the stand up paddle surfing, or SUP for short. This discipline, with a Hawaiian heritage, is practiced with a board a little wider and longer than the usual surfboard, in which we have to stay standing while we move with the help of an oar. Once we got the not-easy-task of maintaining balance without fall down into the water, we can try to catch a few waves and with a little more experience and practice, ride them like a pro. On the beach of Barceloneta and the beach of Mar Bella you can find schools that provide initiation courses (baptisms) for a small fee.If you want to learn how to surf or improve your technique during the summer holidays, Barcelona is the ideal city for you if it blows a little wind and the waves take a considerable size, which happens frequently. So get into a wet suit and get ready for strong emotions! The areas closest to the spigots of almost all the beaches of Barcelona, have a bounded area just for surfers to have fun with their boards. We recommend extreme caution …

If your intention is to go for a quieter water sport the kayak is the best option. You can rent the necessary equipment for a short cruise along the beaches near Barcelona in any club or school along the coast. One of the best routes is the one that takes you to visit the coves of the Costa del Garraf, with stunning sea and sei-virgin beaches.When you get back from your summer holiday you want to have a perfect tan, right? One of the water sports you can practice in Barcelona and which will make you spend more hours under the sun is sailing. Whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge about this discipline, you will find courses to suit you in several specialized schools in the city. In the Canal Olímpic  you will find a very varied offer and excellent facilities to become a real “seal”.For more information on the rental apartments in ShBarcelona visit our website.

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