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Contemporary dance classes in Barcelona

Written by Diana

Contemporary dance is a mixture of many dance styles (especially from the 20th century), interpretation techniques and contact improvisation. Contemporary dance aims, above all, to explore motion dynamics, creativity, rhythm, coordination and self-expression. It is, then, one of the freest dance styles you will find.

Photo by Jack Devant ballet photography via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA.

Photo by Jack Devant ballet photography via Visualhunt

There are many fun things about contemporary dance, but we will highlight only three of them. First of all, theatricality: the dancer becomes an actor and the actor becomes a dancer. There is no right or wrong because the purpose of this style is interpretation, which is a subjective thing. Secondly, the movement is explored according to one’s body, understanding that different bodies have diverse ways of expression and different interpretations of the same movement. In contemporary dance, beauty is in the expression itself. Movement can either be lyrical or light, resembling ballet, or fluid and down to earth, with a lot of floor release. Lastly, it is not stuck to a pattern like many other styles are. This means that while dances like tango, ballet and many others have predefined steps, contemporary dance is free to explore body motion. However, it also has a lot of pre-established techniques that must be dominated to be able to interpret movement correctly. It is a fantastic way to get to know your body and to learn how do use it, defying gravity and fighting inner fears through motion and music.

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Slam Dancing Studio

The curriculum of this school is quite vast, from jazz to tap dance and classic ballet. Therefore, it is a perfect place for those who enjoy dancing. Besides the regular classes for adults, they have programs for professional dancers, for kids and teenagers, as well as workshops and intensive courses. Contemporary dance sessions happen in the morning, on Tuesday and Thursday, and in the afternoon, on Monday and Wednesday.

Address: Calle Llibertat, 35.

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Studio Isadora

This is a federated school. All teachers are absolutely qualified and some classes are accompanied by a piano player. They have dance initiation classes, which are a great way to start if you have never tried something similar. Although they are mostly focused on ballet, they have other activities such as flamenco, sevillanes, stretching, ballroom and even something called “Video Clip Repertory”. They are very restrictive with rules, valuing punctuality A LOT.

Address: Ciutat de Balaguer, 60.

Escola Anna Maleras

Photo by Kevin Eddy via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND.

Photo by Kevin Eddy via VisualHunt

Anna Maleras was a pioneer of modern dance and jazz in Catalonia, having founded this school in 1967, which means this space is almost celebrating its 50th anniversary. This being said, the resilience and tradition of this school cannot be denied. Besides contemporary and modern dance, there you can learn hip-hop and ballet. They even have a course called “Dance Theory” for those who wish to know more about this art.

Address: Carrer Tavern, 25.

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Diana is a writer with a Master degree in Marketing and a degree in Sciences of Communication.

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