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Where to study improv in Barcelona

Written by Alix Simonovitch

If you are looking for something fun and completely different to do, we have a great suggestion for you: take improv classes“Improv” is short for improvisation, a form of acting in which things are created on the spot, without previous rehearsal of the materials. The number one rule of improv is to say “yes and” to everything and to just keep rolling with it.  

Improv plays or skits, work without a script. Improv is usually only used for comedy, with people from the audience shouting suggestions that make the scene go in certain directions and a story starts to be formed. The result is a unique show that changes every time and that keeps actors on their toes. 

Taking improv classes is a great way to train your acting skills, boost your confidence, learn to become funnier and, ultimately, to make great friends.

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Yes! Barcelona Improv Group

Photo via Pixabay

Escuela de Impro Barcelona is a Spanish improv school that offers trimestrial courses for beginners, those who already have some experience, and for professional actors. They also offer intensive courses a couple of times a year, which can last from 1 to 3 days. The school’s objectives are to awaken the intuitive and spontaneous side of each student, allowing them to explore a different facet of themselves. Contact the school to try your first improv class for free.

Address: Carrer de Topazi, 21


Performar is a comedy, magic and public speaking academy that was founded in 2012 in Barcelona. They offer improv classes in a yearly course that takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturday evening. Each group has a maximum of 10 students, which allows every student to have personalized attention. Students can choose a full course or to only study for a couple of months.

Address: Carrer Alt de Mariner, 14

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Alix Simonovitch

Traveler and blogger, Alix wrote about the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels before moving to Barcelona 9 years ago. Writer and translator specialized in tourism and gastronomy, she wants to share all her discoveries in her new city.

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