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Paragliding in Barcelona

Written by Eric

“Birds flying high, you know how I feel, Sun in the sky, you know how I feel, Breeze driftin´on by, you know how I feel…and I´m feeling good.”

– Feeling good, Nina Simone

Paragliding barcelonaWant to feel good? Want to feel the breeze while gliding under the sun? Then come and experience paragliding!

Travel just outside the city, find a mountain range or high peak. Most of the paragliding activity takes place in the region of Manresa-Comarca del Bages-L´Anoia-Noguera (Lleida), where peaks are dotted along the terrain.

Paragliding should not be confused with parasailing, (in which a person is towed by a boat or jet ski) while attached to a parasail (the specifically designed parachute). Both are recreational activities, but paragliding is also a competitive flying sport. In paragliding, launching happens from a high point and the shape of the wing/canopy is different.

Where to try paragliding in Barcelona

Lifestyle Barcelona 

Lifestyle Barcelona offers something exciting to meet your adventure needs. Prices and the duration of the glide vary per person. The availability is year round but differs from season to season, being also dependent on weather conditions. Participants glide with instructors, in a group. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing. People with a weight minimum of 35kg to a maximum of 100kg can participate. The age requirement is 14 years old and up – written consent by a parent or guardian is required for those under the age of 18. If you don´t have your own means of transport, please check with the company to see if they can arrange it for you. They even have special inclusive services for taking photos or videos to make your event memorable!

Albatros Escola de Vol 

Located northeast of Barcelona is Albatros Escola de Vol. With over 25 years of experience, the school’s objective is for individuals to learn the necessary skills to be able to paraglide alone. Courses take 4 to 6 days, with intensive theoretical and practical training, glides between 10 to 1000 meters, necessary equipment and transport to the practice fields.

Paragliding barcelonaThe first day usually consists of the information session: material (wing) and preparation of flight. Practice is done on their training slope. Here you will see how to control your wing.The second day focuses on Towing method for low and medium altitude flights. Tandem flights are incorporated with the instructor.

The second day focuses on Towing method for low and medium altitude flights. Tandem flights are incorporated with the instructor.

The third and fourth day you will experience high mountain flights.

Have fun!

Paragliding in Barcelona
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Eric is an American English teacher with a passion for Barcelona.

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