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Out of the box

The ChatBook

Written by Paula

Created by engineers Irate Perales and Xavier Contijoch, The ChatBook is service that allows users to print their online chats to create a book.

This interactive program allows users to get as creative as they want – each user is responsible for designing its own book, using the tools provided by The ChatBook official website.

The ChatBookThe first thing the user has to do is to create an account with The ChatBook. The user will receive an e-mail and after validating their The ChatBook account, the user can start the process of creating their book.

The user can personalize the book’s design by choosing the cover image, which can be one of the available images from The ChatBook website or one of the user’s own picture; choose the font and the name of the book.

When you select the chat you want to print with The ChatBook, the program will not only upload the exchanged messages, but any pictures that have been exchanged during the conversation as well. The user is, of course, free to delete anything he or she doesn’t want to appear in the printed conversation, including photographs and certain messages within the conversation.

The process doesn’t take too long and The Chatbook is pretty quick to deliver. In a matter of 6 to 8 days the user will have their personalized book delivered to their house.

The Chatbook is available in three different versions: PDF, hardcover and paperback. Depending on the format you choose and the number of pages you print, your price will differ. The PDF format can be as small or as short as the user likes without the price varying: all PDF The ChatBooks cost only 10€. A hardcover book will always be pricier than the paperback version. Paperback prices go from around 37€ for 30 pages to 67€ for 600 pages, while paperbacks start at 24€ for 24 pages, going up to 62.50€ for 620 pages. The hardbook’s size is 15×17.5 cm, while the paperbacks are as big as a pocket book.

The ChatBook The ChatBookis available for Android phones and IPhones, though the IPhone version requires the user to download the program on their Macs, rather than on their IPhones. The app itself can be downloaded for free, the printing is what requires payment.

The ChatBook only works with Whatsapp, but the company is working on new versions that will allow to create books with conversations from Facebook and LINE.

You can check out a couple of examples of ChatBooks here.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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