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Humana, Not Only a Second Hand Clothes Store

inside humana store
Written by Adriana

Many people tend to associate the second hand store in Barcelona Humana with any cheap vintage shop in the city, where to find unique and used clothing in good condition, cheaper than in malls or other firsthand stores.

Not many people know the social and environmental work that Humana develops globally in over 40 countries. As their website says, Humana’s work focuses on the protection of the environment and development of cooperation projects designed to promote the development of communities in the South; in parallel with education and awareness projects in the North”.

Today’s blog article by ShBarcelona will focus on the good work done by Humana.

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How does Humana work?

humana leaflet

Photo via Pixabay

You are probably wondering how this NGO founded in 1987 whose full name is Humana People to People Foundation develops its work.

Well, they do it through the textile recycling which raise money to fund projects or launch activities in relation to education and development cooperation, initiatives for agriculture and rural development, health projects and combating infectious diseases, etc.

This recycling is done through clothing Humana collection bins, where you can put all the clothes that you don’t use anymore, these containers are taken to recycling plants from where clothes go to other various places.

Clothing in good condition are sold at Humana shops all over the world (the 13%) or in local stores in African countries to activate the economy (the 50%), clothing not able to be sold are taken to specialized companies where they recycle it (the 30%), or they are taken to landfills (the 7%).

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humana containers with people

Photo via Pixabay

To ensure that this process is carried out successfully, the NGO needs the people to clothing or accessories, to be a collaborator, to make a financial donation, or to directly involve yourself volunteering.

As you can see, Humana is not only what you see, a clothing store that has several locations throughout Barcelona where to buy very cheap clothes for any occasion, but is an international organization with humanitarian projects funded through recycling clothes.

Every time you purchase an item in a store Humana, consider the need to get involved further in this NGO of textile recycling: working as a volunteer or bringing your clothes in good condition to the containers.

Not only will you be helping to improve the environment, but also will collaborate in social, educational and rehabilitation projects in disadvantaged countries. There are many Humana stores in Barcelona, for example in the neighbourhoods of Sants, El Raval, Sant Antoni, l’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample and Sagrada Familia.

Have you ever bought something at Humana?

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