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Adopt a Pet in Barcelona And Save a Life

adopt pet
Written by Paula

It’s easy to feel enthusiastic about getting a pet. They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they are lots of fun. Unfortunately, those may be the only factors people think about, which ends up proving too much of a hassle to some owners.

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To decide if you should bring in a new furry or scaly friend into the family, you should always consider the costs, the maintenance of the animal and the fact that you will always need someone to take care of your pet for you if you feel like going away on vacation.

Why you should adopt a pet in Barcelona

Many animals are abandoned by those who were never meant to have a pet in the first place, which only brings pain and suffering to the animal that is left behind.

If you are thinking of getting a dog in Barcelona (or other pet), consider the possibility of adopting, instead of purchasing one from a store or a breeder. That way, you can help make a neglected animal to be happy again.

dog in the field

Photo via Pixabay

He will be nothing but grateful for your love. In many cases, adopting an animal means saving its life. Here are some of the organizations that you can contact in order to adopt a pet in Barcelona.

Stay with your pet in a rental apartment in Barcelona

Where to find cats or dogs in Spain for adoption

Barcelona Gat I Gos

Barcelona Gat I Gos is an organization dedicated mainly to the care of urban cats. The organization divulges notices of lost and found cats and helps animals find a new home.

Barcelona Gat I Gos has a large list of cats waiting to be adopted, which can be viewed here.

red cat

Photo via Pixabay

If you can’t adopt a cat yourself but would like to help the organization, you can make a donation, purchase Barcelona Gat I Gos products, become a volunteer or offer your home for a cat to stay in while it isn’t adopted.

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Save a life

Save a life is a Non-Governmental Organization that protects homeless animals. The organization has a number of dogs to be adopted in all of Spain, some of them facing terrible odds.

Save a life also offers sterilization services, in order to prevent the death or abandonment of innocent puppies.

You can help Save a life by:

  • adopting an animal
  • offering your house for a dog to stay in while it isn’t adopted
  • making donations
  • divulging the information
  • offering to take some of the organization’s dogs to the vet
  • donating medicine and other health materials
  • donating blankets, buckets, brushes, or anything else that can help
dog and his toys

Photo via Pixabay

Animals Sense Sostre

Animals Sense Sostre is another NGO that has a variety of animals to adopt. Not only dogs and cats, Animals Sense Sostre currently has a couple of friendly pigs who are looking for a nice farm home or animal sanctuary.

You can help Animals Sense Sostre by volunteering, gathering the necessary materials, offering a foster home for an animal, offering your professional services or making a donation. Animals Sense Sostre also has a page to publish pictures of lost animals.

Find a place near the beach (with your pet)

Lliga per a la protecció d’animals I plantes de Barcelona

Lliga per a la protecció d’animals I plantes de Barcelona has been helping abandoned and mistreated animals since 1944. Their aim is to protect animals from abuse situations or abandonment, by rehabilitating and finding new homes for them.

You can help Lliga per a la protecció d’animals I plantes de Barcelona by becoming a member, volunteering, and making monthly or one-time donations.


Photo via Pixabay

Centro de Acogida de Animales de Compañía de Barcelona

Barcelona’s City Council has also created a center to help animals in need, called Centro de Acogida de Animales de Compañía de Barcelona. You can help CAACB by volunteering to walk the animals, clean the facilities and make sure the animals are always properly groomed and healthy.

Important: If you have lost a pet, contact your local veterinary and animal aid associations, in case someone has found it and handed it over to professionals.

Did you get your pet at a cat or dog rescue in Barcelona?
Tell us about your experience!

About the author


Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • I am hoping to adopt a kitten from 8 weeks. I live in Sitges but can easily travel to surrounding towns. Do you know of any organisations who might have rescue kittens for adoption in these areas please? Sitges / Vilanova i la Geltru / Sant Pere de Ribes or surrounding areas.

  • My family and I have to move back to the USA and we need to give our two male rats a nice home. We are not sure who to give them to. Can anyone help?

  • Please take care of the Lions, if you can adopt one they have a lot of love to give

  • hi i want to rehome my dog and find a family for her my land lord doesnt allow me to have pet because shes medium size .. hope you could help me i dont have a place for her to stay …

  • Hello:

    I would like to adopt a miniature schnauzer.
    I have an excellent home in Barcelona.
    My 15 year old schnauzer had to be put to sleep at the veteranario del mar on carrer marina, due to a brain tumor

  • I have a beautiful 1 year American Staffshire that is a very good family dog. She is great with kids. The problem is we don’t have the time to give to her. We travel a lot because of our work so we are always having to find someone to take care of her. I feel bad for even writing this. But I’m hoping to find her a good home that will love her and take care of her. We are giving her away for free if we can find her a good home. If you have a big yard she would love it! We have just a small balcony for her. If you are interested and want to see a picture of her please email me. Thanks

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