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Volunteering in Barcelona

Volunteering in Barcelona
Written by Paula

During your stay in Barcelona, you have the opportunity to make a change and do something meaningful. If you can spare a couple of hours of your week, there are hundreds of organizations that would be happy to have you work with them as a volunteer. From working with animals to helping the environment to assisting the elderly, there are a variety of ways to help out in the Madrid community, for both Catalan and Spanish speakers as well as English speakers.

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Hacesfalta is a website that gathers various volunteering opportunities. You can choose between areas like Humanitarian Help; Sports; Human Rights; Children, Youth and Family; Immigration and Refuge; Senior Citizens; Environment; Women; Minorities; Animal Welfare; and Health. Different organizations and institutions will tell you what kind of volunteers they are looking for (for example, native English speakers or people with childcare experience).

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Amics de la gent gran

volunteering barcelonaA volunteer operated organization, Amics de la gent gran works to better the quality of life for senior citizens. Volunteers work to develop a friendship and establish bonds with older people suffering from isolation. The program is designed to give older people emotional support, make them active and sociable and to inform society about the reality in which the senior citizens live.

Fundació Banc dels Aliments Barcelona

Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona is a non-profit foundation that gathers the food surplus in the food industry, markets, supermarkets, schools and other organizations, distributing them among local entities that will guide them towards those in need. Today the program is working with 359 institutions, reaching over 150.000 people in need.

Fundación de Oncología Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia

This foundation works to fulfill the needs of children with cancer, along with their families, in order to improve their quality of life. Over 300 people contribute to this cause by accompanying and supporting children and young people suffering from oncologic and hematologic diseases through all phases: diagnosis, treatment and, in some cases, during the child’s final days. The work is done both in the hospital and the child’s home. You can fill out a volunteer form under the “Get Involved” tab on their website to hear back about opportunities at their organization.

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Fundación Ana Bella | Red de Mujeres Superviventes

Fundació Ana Bella helps women who have suffered gender-related violence, so they can pick themselves up, empower themselves and build a happy life. The foundation has a school meant to help women develop their potential, learning to be self-sustainable individuals in order to create a bright future for themselves. The women also receive psychological therapy, legal help, emotional help, and lodging, if necessary.

Liga per a la protecció d’animals I plantes de Barcelona

volunteering barcelonaWith more than 70 years of existence, this foundation collects abandoned or mistreated animals. The animals stay in the foundation’s refuge where they are treated and cared for until they can get a new home. The Liga is searching for long-term volunteers, that can work with dogs or cats. The main duties of a volunteer are: cleaning, feeding, walking and playing with the animals.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • Hi I’m Valentina Rossi, I’m 30 years old.
    I would like to help the children and give to them support. Teach them How to make sport and yoga. I am a yoga and ski teacher. I live in Barcelona. I speak five languages and also spanish.
    Please contact me,
    Valentina R.

  • from India. During the evening hours and in weekends, I like to take care of any unattended poor medically or physically handicapped persons either in hospital or in home.
    Though I don’t know the language but I can manage. The thing is I cannot give them financial support but physical and mental support to them

  • Dear Paula, thanks for the information. I would like to know which one you would recommend in case of having issues with Castellano. If mostly I know english and a few Castellano, in which one there are more possibilities of being usefull. Thank you. Regards.

  • Dear Paula, I’m Mirela and I m from Romania but living here since 2006, in Spain.
    I would like to teach Romanian language and help with the dogs.
    Thank you so much and waiting your answear.

  • Dear Paula,

    I am very interested in participating in volunteering activities, I will be very happy to participate in any of the activities you mentioned in your article. I am resident in Barcelona, I speak Spanish and learning Catalan currently. Please let me know how I could reach your association .

    Thank you and wishes,

  • Hello! I’m Elda, i’m from albania and i like to partecipate in volunter activities. I understand well castellano, and i can speak a little bit. I Speak english. Thank you!

  • Hello Paula! My name is Brian Lucas. I’m 36 years old, and fairly new to Barcelona. I have lots of time available, and would love to give a helping hand. English is my primary language, but I am currently learning Spanish. Hopefully there is somewhere I can be of assistance. Thank you.

    • Hello Brian,
      Welcome to Barcelona and good to hear you want to be a volunteer. Please contact any of the organisations in the blog article “Volunteering in Barcelona”for further information.

    • Hi Brian! I am in the same situation as you and I am wondering if you have found any places to volunteer yet? My Spanish isn’t the greatest! Would love to hear back!

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