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How to be environmentally friendly in Barcelona

How to be environmentally friendly in BarcelonaHow to be environmentally friendly in Barcelona
Written by Paula

We all have to do our part to help our planet. Taking responsibility for our actions and being aware of our footprint is the first step in the direction of leading a more environmentally friendly life.

Use a bicyclegreen barcelona

One of the easiest ways to be environmentally friendly is to start using a bicycle as your main form of transportation. Barcelona has great conditions for bike riders, with plenty of bike lanes across the city.

You can purchase your new bike at Bike Stocks, Bike Gràcia, King Barcelona, Bikester, Tomas Domingo – The bike house, or a used bike at Ciclos Ratera, Todobicis, Goobici, Segunda Mano, Cash Converters.  

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Buy 0 km

When you see a 0 km label on a product, it means that it was produced less than 100 kilometers away from the store selling them. That means less distance traveled and less pollution created during the transportation.


Spain just happens to be one of the countries in Europe with the highest recycling rate. Close to 70% of the population participate in this activity that is part of everyone’s civic duty, separating their trash and disposing of it responsibly at their nearest recycling station.

If you have doubts about which items should go in each container, here is a quick reminder:

Yellow – plastic, cans, tetrabriks, aluminum foil and metal lids.

Green – glass (no broken glasses, mirrors, dishes or light bulbs).

Blue – paper, cardboard, magazines, wrapping paper, newspaper, notebooks.

Use your own bags

green barcelonaMany supermarkets and some stores now charge you a small amount of money for plastic bags, so don’t be surprised if you see your groceries piling up after the cashier has scanned them. When the store charges for the bag, the store clerk will usually ask you if you want one. Take a good look at what you have bought before impulsively saying yes. Did you get only a small number of items? Can you carry them in your hands? If so, try to skip the plastic bag this time. Billions of bags are produced each ear and a great number of them are mishandled, ending up as pollution. Start creating the habit of leaving the house with your own plastic bags. If you feel like making your shopping experience fancier, you can also invest in a fun tote bag or basket.

You can find tote bags for very affordable prices at one of the several Tiger stores, at Redbubble and Zazzle.

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