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Gestalt Therapy in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

The word “gestalt” means whole and the concept of gestalt therapy comes from the belief that humans should be viewed as a whole and connected in body, mind, and soul. In a bustling city like Barcelona, getting stressed and feeling detached from our personal selves is likely to happen every once in a while. If you’re struggling with a hectic personal life and want to talk to a professional, gestalt therapy can be a great way to reclaim a healthy mental and emotional state.

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What Is Gestalt Therapy?

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Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps people focus on what is happening now in their lives rather than what happened in the past. They do a re-enacting exercise, as the gestalt process calls for, so people can learn how to become more aware of their own negative thought patterns that are blocking their self-awareness and causing unhappiness. Gestalt therapy can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and physical issues like migraines, headaches, ulcers, and body spasms. Those who go through gestalt therapy want to be more self-aware but may not understand how to do so when it comes to finding happiness and comfort. Gestalt techniques, which were developed in the 40s and 50s by three New York psychotherapists who then founded the first Gestalt therapy institute, are often used alongside other therapies and bodywork including dance and drama.

Where Can You Find Gestalt Therapy?

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Barcelona has its own Gestalt Therapy InstituteEl Institut Gestalt, which has been around since 1985 and serves 100,000 people every year in humanistic therapies and personal growth. They work in offering therapy sessions and training new therapists according to gestalt techniques. Emma RuizMi Terapia Gestalt, and Belén Giner are all private practices in Barcelona that specialize in gestalt therapy, emphasizing integration and reconciliation with one’s self to fully recover from the past.

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Gestalt therapy is more than just sharing your issues with a professional. It also involves patients emotionally releasing what could be holding them back from full happiness. It’s about separating ourselves from our pasts and clearing the path for a better future. It can greatly help to boost morale and provide a starting point for patients who want to let go of past problems and emotional pain and move forward towards a happier life.

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