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Alternative therapies: Bioenergetic analysis and body psychotherapy

Alternative therapies: Bioenergetic analysis and body psychotherapy
Written by Paula

Bioenergetic analysis therapy is a form of treatment with a unique technique. Each patient’s problems are approached considering one’s energetic system and the way it affects the psyche and using methods of verbal therapy.

The intention behind this form of therapy is to provide the patient with self-knowledge and self-fulfillment, which is achieved through the process of unblocking profound physical tensions that are connected to unconscious emotional patterns.

Body psychotherapy

therapy barcelonaBioenergetic Analysis is based upon the work of Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian Psychoanalyst that developed the idea of a “muscular armour”, the expression of the personality in the way the body moves. This form of body psychotherapy also contemplated theories such as transference, countertransference, Oedipal issues, dreams and slips of the tongue. It was developed by two of Reich’s students, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos.

During a bioenergetic analysis session, the therapist and the patient will work on emotions like hatred, fear, sadness, and rage, which may trigger aggression and go as deep as unblocking emotions from before birth. The blocks are treated with a combination of bioenergetically designed physical exercises, affective expressions and palpitation of the muscular tensions.

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This form of therapy aims to treat not the symptoms, but the deep causes, helping the patient develop a growing feeling of self-trust and happiness, becoming able to enjoy life in a way that is healthier and more genuine.

Bioenergetic psychology defends it is the only form of psychological therapy that includes the body in the therapeutic process, not only the psyche and emotions.

Bioenergetic psychology can be used to treat a variety of problems such as anxiety, anguish, depression, lack of self-confidence, addiction, fears and phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, psychosomatic disorders, relationship issues, break-ups and divorces, issues of a sexual nature, anger, and physical illnesses.

If you feel that bioenergetic psychology could be a good choice for you, contact one of the following therapists in Barcelona to book an appointment.

therapy barcelonaBioenergética Barcelona

Carrer d’Aragó, 416

Metro: Monumental (L2 – Purple Line)or Verdaguer (L4 – Yellow Line)


Carrer de Bruniquer, 36

Metro: Joanic (L4 – Yellow Line)

Gestalt Bioenergética

Carrer de la Riera d’Horta, 38

Metro: Fabra i Puig (L1 – Red Line)

Alessandra Coletti 

Travessera de Gràcia, 165

Metro: Fontana (L3 – Green Line)

Gestalt Vida

Carrer de Santa Carolina, 40

Metro: Sant Pau | Dos de Maig (L5 – Blue Line) or Alfons X (L4 – Yellow Line)  

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