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The Annual Weather Guide to Barcelona

Written by James

Learning the weather extremes for anywhere you live or you plan to visit is always a good idea. By knowing what the worst possible weather could be you will know which seasons to avoid or if visiting Barcelona during those seasons you can be properly prepared. As a local looking for an apartment rental in Barcelona, understanding which parts of the city could possibly best deal with a rain deluge or possible snow event may help you decide on a location. Barcelona’s weather annually is similar but there are some standout events to be aware of.

Possibility of Snow

The city of Barcelona since on a plateau just south of the Pyrenees mountains that can produce snow events and howling winds that can produce wind chill events as well. In 2010 Barcelona received its first snowfall in seven years and its worst snowfall in 22 years since 1962. The year was an unseasonably cold winter in most of Europe producing snowstorms across the continent that created havoc on transportation systems and cities not used to snow. The worst areas in and around Barcelona got hit with 50 cm of snow that caused power outages to over 200,000 people and canceled classes for almost 150,000 students.The blizzard also caused many motorists to become stranded throughout the city and even closed the local bus system and above ground light rail transportation network forcing City Hall to keep the underground Metro system opens during the night to ensure the movement of people around the city.

Torrential Downpours

Although Spain is known for its great weather it does have some significant weather events that can create damage and potential danger situations. Although the events are usually significantly less severe than in other parts of Europe or the US it is good to know that these events exist in order to be prepared. During the rainiest season in Barcelona which includes September through November torrential downpurs can cause flash flooding and there are significant thunderstorm events. Rainfall can exceed 400 mm in a 24-hour period which can put a large damper on any holiday or flooding in low-lying areas. On rare occasions Barcelona is one of the few cities in Spain that has also experienced tornadoes. Although they are not as severe as the heartland of America in 2005 several F1 tornadoes touched down in and around Barcelona with wind speeds up to hundred kilometres per hour.

Summer Heat Waves

The heat in Barcelona does not usually reach Las Vegas or Miami type temperatures it can on rare occasions reach almost 40C. In 2003 Europe was hit with an especially harsh heat wave that caused the most issues in France and for the wheat crop of Europe. However Barcelona being in the northeast corner of Spain also felt the effects of this massive heat wave. The temperature sparked 1 41 deaths in Spain, in Barcelona set an all-time temperature record of 36C. When visiting or living in Barcelona make sure to keep well hydrated during the summer months and consider apartment rentals with air-conditioning.

Whenever you travel, visit or live in Barcelona checking the annual weather events to ensure you are properly prepared will help choose the best location for flat rentals in Barcelona. 

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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